Greece has promised Russians who have visited Schengen long-term visas


Греция решила предложить россиянам долгосрочные визыfor a period of three and five years, said the deputy head of the Greek Foreign Ministry. Russians who have already been in countries will be able to get such a visa. Schengen.

Greek authorities intend to expand the practice of extradition to the Russians long-term reusable visas, Deputy Interfax Head of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nikos Ksidakis. By according to him, all those who at least once received Schengen visa, will be able to get a visa for three or even five years.

“We intend to expand the issuance of multiple-entry visas, that is, on three years and for five years, to all Russian citizens whose documents meet the conditions for this. If they already had one trip to the Schengen area, the next time they are entitled to at least three year visa. We must issue them without obstacles, “explained Ksidakis.

The deputy foreign minister also assured that consular services of Greece are ready to increase the flow of tourists from Russia. According to Ksidakis, disruptions in issuing visas similar to those what happened on the eve of the May holidays, will no longer be. “Despite the minor problems that were noted at the beginning May, at the moment we are able to handle all the demand from Russian tourists. We can issue up to 10 thousand visas daily “, – said the deputy minister.

At the end of April 2016, the Russian Union of Travel Industry reported problems with obtaining visas at the consulate of Greece. In line for Visa turned out to be about 10 thousand passports, reported Irina Tyurina, press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. Some tourists could not fly on vacation.

On the eve of the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov held talks with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, during which it was It is stated that the Greek authorities are preparing “a series of steps aimed to improve visa service. ”

“I have an instruction from the Greek Prime Minister to remove all problems associated with the issuance of visas to Russians. Technical issues already resolved. The staff of the consular service, which is now makes 55 employees “, – Ksidakis explained then.

According to the Rostourism, in May 2016, the Greek Consular the service issued 90 thousand visas to Russians, which is 32% more than in May last year.


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