Greece expands its presence in the tourist the market of Azerbaijan


Греция, которая в течение десятилетий остаётсяthe leading tourist destination in Northern Europe, now actively developing new markets. One of the most promising markets – Azerbaijan, where recently the largest tourist Caspian region exhibition AITF.

Greek participation was made possible by the efforts of professionals who are already working to promote the country to Turkish market. Presence at the exhibition allowed to evaluate potential interest, and also to establish cooperation between the two countries. Among the Greek regions were presented directions northern and southern Aegean Sea, Thessaly and Halkidiki. Representatives of the most famous hotel chains also participated. Among them – Grand Resort Lagonissi, Electra & Hotels Resorts, Divani Collection Hotels and other Thessaloniki hotel chains and Athens.

Azerbaijani specialists visited the Greek pavilion to get information about destinations and hotels, and learn more about investment opportunities. In addition, the organizers of participation Greece in the event gathered statistics on typical Azerbaijani tourist and his needs. It turned out that residents This country prefer luxury-tourism or independent travels.

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