Greece: All Inclusive?

09.06.2014Greece: All Inclusive?

Ни для кого не секрет, что Греция не является флагманом отдыхаon the system “All inclusive”, but such proposals are still there, and there are a lot of them in the resorts of Hellas. Compare Greek All inclusive with Turkish, Spanish, or some other is a thankless job, because each person has his own criteria in this matter, taste and color, as the saying goes-

Therefore, without unnecessary comparisons, we will just try in general terms. tell about the features of the holiday “all inclusive” in Greece

1. Power

As a rule, the choice of dishes in Greek hotels is not too big, However, tourists note that everything is very fresh and tasty. On the menu there is a lot of vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and seafood, very tasty bread. For breakfast here offer, besides everything. other things, porridge with fillers to choose from (honey, jam), dried fruits, yogurts, omelets. You can even find such “delicacies” as bran, which is very important for people on a diet and those who are constantly adheres to proper nutrition.

If the hotel does not have a children’s menu, then feed the child always there is something, because the dishes are very healthy and nutritious. At all the naturalness of food, the emphasis on organic products and national cuisine – one of the tourist “chips” of Greece. TO For example, clients of the Grecotel network in Crete can even go on a tour of the farm that supplies for their restaurants, products of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Each hotel has its own list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that can be ordered at certain hours in bars pools and in the restaurant. As a rule, these are local wines, beer, juices, carbonated water, tea, coffee, etc. For imported alcohol will have pay extra.

Often in low-cost 3 * Greek hotels all inclusive system is a slightly advanced guesthouse, food quality and range of dishes noticeably limp.

2. Children’s animation

Animations in Greece, you can put a strong four, however entertainment programs for children, as a rule, wild enthusiasm parents do not cause. It is important to consider that in most hotels programs are conducted in English, French and German. However, there is reason to expect an increase in the near future. the number of Russian-speaking animators, because in Greece a program of measures to attract Russians tourists.

3. Slides and water rides

Fun on the water in Greece is very modest, and sometimes in the hotel there may be only a few pools exclusively for “adult audience “. Leaders in the number of water slides on site are Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort in Crete (your own water park), Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare (Crete), Iberostar Lindos Imperial (Rhodes).

 Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday ResortFodele Beach &Water Park Holiday Resort

4. Additional services

For sun beds and umbrellas in some hotels have to pay extra 5-10 euros per day. However, there are those where this The service is already included in the price.

Sometimes hotels offer free accommodation for children. of a certain age (for example, in Calypso on Rhodes for kids under 2 years old, and for children under 12 years old will need pay only 30% of the room rate per night per person; network Mitsis hotels and does not take money for children at all 18).

Naturally, all of the above is only “average arithmetic “: somewhere you will find a very good animation, somewhere – varied cuisine, etc. However, in a person who only read to organize your vacation in Greece question: why does the Greek All inclusive look like this “simple”?

Everything is elementary: here they do not expect that the guests will be “bezvylazno sit” on site. European tourists (and their here the majority), coming to Greece, take car / bike / bus ticket, and go to inspect neighborhood.

Getting to know the country is the main goal. vacationers, so all inclusive services here are treated more as a necessity dictated by competition, and not as the main advantage on which the concept is built recreation.

we advise you to take all inclusive only in good 4 * and 5 * hotels in Greece

Seasoned tourists are advised to take all inclusive only in good 4 * and 5 * hotels – in this case, you can easily enjoy the menu from fresh local produce and a wide variety of drinks. There is no payment for low-quality food in Greece meaning – in the local taverns offer delicious dishes, and aromatic Mediterranean cuisine will easily replace questionable The benefits of an all-inclusive budget hotel.

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