Getting a Greek visa will be easier.


Парламент Греции принял законодательные поправки, касающиесяfacilitate the reception of tourists from Russia and other countries outside Schengen zone. They enable consular offices expand your own staff, said in a statement Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in the Russian Federation.

So, in the Consulate General in Moscow will transfer employees from The ministries of foreign affairs and the ministry for the protection of citizens. The amendments also provide for the first time the opportunity for the Greek consuls to abroad to hire on-site visa service staff for seasonal work. Consular leadership in Moscow and St. Petersburg is given Directive to agree with local partners to increase 50% reception centers for Russian citizens to facilitate issuing visas.

As it became known earlier, Greece began to issue Russians multivisa for three years. At the same time, in some regions work over simplifying the procedure for obtaining Schengen. In particular, for Petersburgers do not need registration to receive documents – Enough to work in the northern capital.

Recall that in the beginning of the year the tourist industry of Greece insistently asked the country’s authorities to facilitate the entry of the maximum for Russian tourists, at the very least, speed up the process of issuing visas in a season.

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