From the kingdom of Hades to the living volcano: 6 most unusual excursions in Greece


Туристы, приезжающие в Грецию, делятся на два типа. Some put imagine the task of seeing the main sights, others prefer to look for the most unique places that cause delight and a lot of emotions. For the latter, Hellas has prepared suitable options: these are man-made monuments and amazing natural hidden treasures. Where in Greece to go on a tour, if the Parthenon already studied along and across?

Papafragas: the most picturesque of the small beaches of Greece

To compile a list of the most beautiful Greek beaches, have to spend a lot of time. And so to explore them, tourists It will take more than one year. But which beach should be immediately included in the route is Papafragas on Milos. From the height of the cliff this bay resembles a huge natural pool, it is unclear how appeared in the midst of the cliffs. And the beach itself is a small sandy strip. The color of the purest water in coastal waters varies depending on weather and sunshine. Complement the “scenery” sea caves, with all sides surrounding the bay and in the past have served the pirates as place for shelter. Such a landscape attracts lovers snorkeling, who are interested in underwater secrets off the coast Papafragas Nearby is the most ancient prehistoric settlement on Milos – Fylakopi. Some of the surviving ruins (walls, buildings) are almost completely hidden by water, but still able to tell a lot about island life in the period Neolithic.

Papafragas Milos Beach

Lovokomio: a tour not for the faint of heart

There is a rather gloomy on Chios, but no less attractive place for tourists. This is a former colony for patients. Leprosy, built in the XIV century and closed only in 1957. In the village, patients lived in isolation from their families. And Lovokomio became the first such community built in Europe. Now about the sad life of people resemble only preserved household items and the personal belongings of the inhabitants of the colony scattered everywhere. After Turkish invasions leprosarium suffered greatly, but then his restored, trying to make a pleasant stay (as far as possible): built a church and even a restaurant. Today Lovokomio reminds scenery to a thriller: empty houses, narrow dilapidated streets, partially destroyed doors. However, tourists on Chios are not ignore the former colony, rightly considering it more untouched more interesting than the island of lepers – Spinalonga.

Lovokomio 1

Lovokomio 2photo: Kostos Kurgias

Castania: randomly open cave

At the dawn of the 20th century, in the village of Ano Kastania in the Peloponnese, Kostas Stevaktas, a local resident, rested next to St. Andrew’s Church and watched the bees. They flew into a small gorge, which interested Stevaktas. As it turned out, up to this point from humanity was hiding a beautiful cave. First Stevaktas and the locals descended into it for water, and very soon the whole of Greece I found out about the find. Before the eyes of the cave visitors – an unsurpassed creation of nature, created millions of years. Among formations inside the cave can be distinguished stalactites most fancy colors and shapes that resemble not that mushrooms, not that animals. Now this landmark is known mainly the Greeks, but very soon to the cave will build a convenient entrance and flow tourist buses will increase significantly. Is this not a reason have time to see her as soon as possible?

Kastania Cavephoto:

Cave of Pythagoras: the once extinct volcano, and then – the house famous math

In Greece, to touch the legend is easy – the place associated with historical figures, here at every turn. On Samos can go to the cave of Pythagoras, more precisely, the whole cave a system that served as a haven for the famous mathematician. She is located in an extinct volcano – Mount Kerkis. According to local legends, Pythagoras took refuge here from the tyrant Polycrates and his persecutions. He lived in a small room, and in a large cave he arranged a class and accepted students. But since Pythagoras was also a philosopher, there is a version in which he simply retired here and quietly pondered. 300 steps lead to the cave, and from the top it opens breathtaking view. Inside you can see the mathematics house, stalactites and a small chapel.

Cave of Pythagoras 1

Cave of Pythagoras 2photo:

Matapan: a mysterious network of caves

At the tip of the Mani peninsula in southern Greece there is Cape Matapan, which is associated with many myths. The ancient Greeks were convinced that local caves – the entrance to the kingdom of the dead. It is here, to Hades, Orpheus came in search of his beloved Eurydice. And down here the legendary Hercules. And the Spartans perceived the caves as important a place of worship – they built temples along the rocky cape. Still the remains of the temple of Poseidon, which are located directly above caves. Now the cave of Matapan is rich in numerous stalagmites, but at the same time partially immersed in water. therefore tourists, coming here on a tour, explore the caves by boat.


Nisyros Volcano: extraterrestrial landscape

The history of Nisyros presented few sights. But one of them is able to overshadow dozens of other interesting places. This is a real active volcano, which is currently sleeping. Tourists can not only come to the edge of the vent, but also go down and take a walk on a flat bottom. Since ecology in Greece is given close attention, it was decided to keep the volcano in its original the form. Therefore, there are no special steps and fences – have to wear comfortable shoes.

Nisyros Volcanophoto:

Both from above and inside, the volcano Nisyrosa strikes with extraterrestrial landscapes: it is as if filled with moon craters, many of which spew hot steam. Some craters make sounds altogether reminiscent of the fact that the volcano is alive. Tourists near the volcano always enough. To see this natural wonder, vacationers are not they pity the descent and ascent, and they are not afraid of boiling mud and smell of sulfur. And according to the testimony of many, such a tour leaves The most vivid impressions of staying in Greece.

No matter how destructive the volcano may seem, he presented Nisyros thermal springs. You can feel their miraculous power on Awlaki Beach. Here the hot waters are mixed with sea water, creating something like a natural spa.

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