From Krasnodar open regular flights to Greece


Сегодня измеждународного аэропорта “Краснодар” вылетитdirect aircraft to Greece. Regular flights The Greek Airlines will perform at Thessaloniki Ellinair. Transportation will be carried out by aircraft Boeing 737-300.

In the near future, departures are also scheduled for 9, 20 and 29 June. Avsego summer season Ellinair plans to transport out of Krasnodar Thessaloniki has more than 1500 tourists.

In 2015, charter and regular flights to Thessaloniki IvanAfins from Krasnodar was carried out by the airline Ural Airlines. Heraklion ina Rhodes charter flights were carried out by Nordwind and Royal Airlines Flight, reported KTRAN State TV and Radio Company in the press service of Basel Aero. ”


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