Found in Crete, the Minoan Kouros was rated at 1.3 million euros

Last week, the Greek police reported the fact the discovery of an ancient bronze statuette of the Minoan Kouros. Artifact of the Middle Minor period was illegally held privately in Sitia (Crete) and was put up for sale.


Found in Crete, the Minoan Kouros was estimated at 1.3 million euros

The statuette, whose height is 30 cm, depicts a young man and according to preliminary estimates worth 1.3 million euros. Commission, created by the Ministry of Culture for evaluation, voiced such an opinion is no accident. Specialists were guided not only the age of the find, but also structural features and quality the material from which it was made. Commission noted the unusual size of the Minoan Kouros – now it is considered the largest from ever found such figurines. And the Greek archaeologists, according to eyewitnesses, have already shown an extraordinary interest in find

Kouros is one of the types of statues of the young athlete. Usually their portrayed naked and placed in shrines as part of the ritual cult. The hands of the kouros are pressed to the body – the idea is thought to be the manufacture of such figurines comes from Egypt. This is noticeable even over the characteristic section of the eyes, which was often copied by the Cretan painters and sculptors.

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