For Easter in Greece. Price statistics


Опрос, проведенный туристическим порталом Trivago, выявил, чтоthe capital of Greece, Athens, is a top priority with point of view of cheap accommodation during the celebration Orthodox Easter.

It is also noted that the average price for accommodation in hotels in Athens is about 80 euros / night. As statistics show, this is The lowest price in Europe. Next is the capital of Germany, Berlin, but the price there is already 94 euros / night.

On the island of Greece, prices at this time will be slightly lower. metropolitan. So in Rhodes, the price will be 61 euros per room. But the most Cheap hotel, where you can stay for the holidays events located in Crete in the city of Chania. Price per room will be only 58 euros.

But, choosing a hotel, yet first of all you need to look not at the price of the room, and on the reputation of the hotel and the quality of services provided (read the article “Holidays in Greece: choosing a hotel”).


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