Flood on Rhodes

27.11.2013Flood on Rhodes

AT ночь с 22 на 23 ноября на греческом островеRhodes underwent heavy rains, which in caused severe flooding.

According to unspecified data, four people died. According to Press Service of the Governor of the South Aegean Sea Fotis Khatzhidakos, on the neighboring islands of the Dodecanese archipelago a storm warning was announced by local authorities. ВFor three hours the heavy rain did not stop, which in its queue and caused a very rare for these places natural phenomenon – flood.

At the moment, in Rhodes rescue and fire services make every effort to eliminate the effects of the elements. So, more than 300 asked for professional help from rescuers man, but still some island residents remain blocked in their homes.

Rhodes Island – one of the most popular Greek islands which annually receives about 1.5 million tourists from all parts of the world.

photo: mastertura.com.ua

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