First time to Greece? What you need to know!

Is this your first time going to Greece for a holiday? In this case some tips would be helpful. For example, it’s good to know a few frequently used expressions, learn something about the features greek mentality. This and other knowledge will help make your Holidays in Greece are pleasant and safe.


На каком языке говорить?

In major cities and centers of Greek tourism can safely do without knowledge of Greek – many Greeks speak colloquial English. If you find yourself in a small village or on a “non-touristic island”, then several common phrases in Greek. Enough for that carry with you the information guide you received from your tour operator upon arrival in Greece. Usually at the very end The reference book has a short Russian-Greek phrasebook. Well Sign Language has not been canceled. Just be careful some gestures can be perceived as offensive, for example, open palm.

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Booking a hotel

If you book a hotel not in a travel agency, but on your own, We recommend to follow the following recommendations:

  • Book a hotel room in advance. This is especially true if you are going to rest in the high season (May-September). In popular hotels rooms can be reserved for several months.
  • If you are going “out of season” (November-April), specify whether the hotel you need is closed during these months.
  • Communication with hotel staff may require knowledge in English.

What to take with you?

  • Passport
  • Money and bank cards
  • Driver’s license. Presence of rights is also desirable. international sample: in the case of an accident may require them. AND read the car rental agreement carefully
  • Diver’s license
  • Chargers for phones, laptops and tablets
  • Phrasebook
  • Sunscreen
  • Headdress
  • Swimwear, mask, flippers
  • Camera and free memory cards
  • Earplugs if the hotel is located in a noisy place.

Before leaving

  • Check the accuracy and availability of design all necessary documents: visas, passports, airline tickets, insurance, hotel vouchers, etc.
  • Check your bank account for balance
  • Inform the bank about your trip abroad so that your The card was not blocked after the first cash withdrawal (some Banks can block a card in order to protect against fraud)
  • Check your mobile phone bill

First time to Greece? What you need to know!a photo:

How to dress and what to wear?

Greece is a European country, part of the European Union. therefore There are no bans on wearing this or that clothing. Look like naturally. Wear comfortable and beautiful clothes!

But, if you decide to visit a church (in Greece, most churches and temples are Orthodox), then be prepared to put on a strict covering the open areas of the body, clothing. Men are recommended pants, women – long skirts and a scarf on his head. if you love walking, be sure to take comfortable shoes.


  • In Greek restaurants it is customary to leave 10-20% of the amount. accounts.
  • In a taxi, 2 euros will be enough. Baggage is paid separately and in tips is not included.
  • The hotel staff leave 1-3 Euro.


In Greece, shooting can and should be everywhere. Rather, almost everywhere. So, for example, never take off the main altar in a church – this prohibited. Also in museums and temples try to photograph without flashes.

If while visiting the archaeological sites you decide to shoot with a tripod, then issue a special permit for photographing. Otherwise, you may be taken for professional photographer and prohibit further free filming.

Of course, not to list all the nuances, especially since a lot depends on individual requirements and preferences. However, The tips you have learned will help make your first holiday in Greece as pleasant and unforgettable.

First time to Greece? What you need to know!a photo:

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