Find out if there are jellyfish on your beach!

Sea chart on which you can see a jellyfish cluster on Greek beaches can be viewed online.

14.06.2018Find out if there are jellyfish on your beach

Греческие ученые, занимающиеся исследованиями в биоразнообразия,published a map on which sea areas and beaches with clusters of jellyfish.

The map is constantly updated and gives users the opportunity to see a list of beaches where the opportunity is great face jellyfish.

The map will show all the beaches where jellyfish were found in 2018, so travelers can find out when they appear, in what part of Greece, they are dangerous or not.

You can see the map here.

Once again we appeal to tourists that a touch to a jellyfish can cause pain through burns. And don’t forget please that the sea is the natural habitat of these animals.

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