Family holidays in Greece. Leave as a game!


Кто больше всех хочет понежиться на ласковом солнышке и подышатьsea ​​air? Of course, our kids. Therefore, I want to advise rest on the family resorts of Greece. Why? Service in Greece is no worse than in other EU countries, and prices a little lower. And don’t take any diapers with you. game consoles – everything you need will be provided on place

Holidays in Greece with children of different ages

When children are younger than 3 years, then at registration hotels (after arrival or when booking) must be reported age of the child and to clarify the presence of baby-sitting, that is, a nanny. If the children are very young – it is best to relax on the family The resort, where there is a large beach, lawns with green grass and halls where children can find a suitable game for themselves or a toy

For recreation with children of preschool age (from 4 to 6 years) most preferable rest in advance a reserved house with compulsory adjacent land plot suitable for baby games. It is best to find such a house on one of the islands of Greece. Of course, you can stay at the hotel, on the territory of which there are playgrounds. But anyway try to choose a place of rest in such a way that hiking on the beach not proved to be a tedious task.

children on the beach

Holidays with children of primary school age (from 7 to 10 years) should be arranged so that when traveling there was time for their entertainment, for which we need to plan visits to water parks, amusement parks, zoos and even an aquarium Thalasso – aquarium in Crete.

When children have reached the age of 11-13 years, for rest, you can choose one of the local hotels, which holds sports activities especially for children.

But the most difficult thing is to ensure happy coexistence on holidays with your children who turned 14-16 years old. Parents need a relaxing holiday, and children need a party with new friends and night discos. However, you can always achieve compromise, and instead of the planned afternoon hike in museum go with the children to the beach, and instead of a disco seduce them with a family dinner in a respectable restaurant. Can even go on holiday with a family that has children in addition same age. In this case, the most interesting will be the rest on one from the islands with a variety of entertainment. Learn from your tour operator, does your trip include a mandatory sailing tour for kids. If it is, then you can meet with children only in the morning and in the evening. Children will be busy all day, and parents will be able to relax and have fun.

children's pools in Greece

The best places for family holidays in Greece

When looking for a suitable place to rest, you should not take into account only their desires, but do not forget about the needs of children. Probably, it is necessary to make some concessions that will help to avoid vacation problems. For example, with a one-year-old child is nothing and dream about some hiking. If a teenager in a family, then it would be nice to know his preferences, which will help to avoid manifestations of discontent, if the chosen place does not coincide with its wishes

children's animation in a hotel in Greece

Therefore, the choice of a place to rest depends on age children with whom this vacation is planned. And do not forget that, having matured even for one year, our children are able to change their tastes and preferences. Rest will not be spoiled only when parents, as they said in previous years, keep abreast of and they only understand their children, but also consider their wishes.

Do not forget that the behavior of children can be unpredictable, because they can cry at any moment from pain or offense. A may begin to act up on completely incomprehensible to adult reasons. Therefore, it is better to try to exclude during recreation use of public transport. In such cases it’s best to stay in a family hotel, not in an apartment or bungalow. Then the appearance of the first zubikov baby will not have any negative impact on others.

So, what is better – rent a villa or stay in a family a hotel? The decision depends not only on the mood of the parents, but also on age of the child. If children are still in preschool age, then rest in a family hotel is much preferable to any other shelter. But with schoolchildren rest in a villa or cottage would be preferable. Hotel accommodation will provide mom a rare the opportunity to forget for a while about the need to prepare daily meals, whereas in the cottage or in the villa you can relax, not forgetting about his personal life. And the cost of rest in the villa will be a bit less than the hotel.

Where better to relax in the summer in Greece with children

Where better to relax in the summer in Greece with children

For holidays with children can recommend large islands, which has a sufficient number of hotels, shops, pharmacies and all that is necessary for a good holiday with children. This is Corfu (Kerkyra), Crete, Lesbos and Rhodes. It is important that the place of rest can be It was easy to get to. For example, instead of the island of Symi, you should choose Leccada. Some inexperienced vacationers opt for the so-called “islands for lovers.” However, such islands (to Folegandros’s example) is good for two, because they don’t find objects suitable for children’s activities.

If you decide to rest in mainland Greece, then perhaps the best choice is the Chalkidiki peninsula or any other A place on the Peloponnese coast where you can easily find a clean beach, golden sand and shallow water for children.

Best family holiday destinations in Greece

Parents who decide during the summer holidays to meet several islands, must understand that children up to a certain age not able to withstand such loads. Therefore, so active recreation should be postponed until the moment when children will not grow up. In the meantime, you need to choose a suitable family beach, on sand and shallow water, and easy access. Those. exactly the conditions that are necessary in order to rest in Greece I liked both parents and children.

As an ideal destination you can advise the intersection. Capes Kassandra and Sithonia on the Chalkidiki peninsula. There perhaps the best family beaches in the country.

A good vacation promises and family resort in Corfu, where There are a lot of family hotels, water parks and restaurants. No bit worse, you can relax with children in Rhodes or Crete.

The best holiday destinations for families in Greece

Family Hotel Choice Rules

  • accommodation not far from the sea not to use car;
  • the beach should be sandy, for the safety of children’s games;
  • the pool for adults should be located near the children’s swimming pool;
  • family cottages, preferably with a terrace and a garden with lawn;
  • the presence of a game room, complete with appropriate staff;
  • availability of sports facilities;
  • in the restaurant or tavern should be a children’s menu;
  • the opportunity to use the services of a nanny;
  • the ability to buy comics or children’s books;
  • the presence of the water park;
  • the presence of a game console is also highly desirable if rest with children of the appropriate age.

Parenting in nature

Resting on the island of Crete, you can schedule a visit. Botanical Garden Capsis Beach. There you can familiarize children with flowers, fruits and vegetables considered in our country exotic. There is also the largest private zoo in the country. Waterfalls, rivers and lakes – all this will be interesting and informative. for kids. They will also be interested to visit the farm Agreco (Rethymno) where you can follow the progress of agricultural work and get acquainted with the taste of local cuisine. A farm visit Amfikata (Parnas) will help children to get acquainted with agritourism.

games on the beach

The first children’s pedicure

Today’s passion for spa treatments has affected our kids, therefore, the presence in some family hotels of the services of SPA-salons Allow children at the age of 4 to join parents and get in these stores services like “My first manicure “or” First facial massage “. In these salons there are procedures for teenagers. They can be offered services related to the transition. age, for example, youth acne treatment.

Things you need for a holiday with children in Greece

If adolescents, electronic games, of course, have to take with you. Especially for a child should take a digital camera, especially if it is compact enough and easy to using. In any case, be nice to stock up playing cards. Well, if you plan a long vacation, you will have to stock up on a laptop and maybe a portable DVD player with set of favorite cartoons.

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