Faliraki on Rhodes: from the fishing village to tourism center


Faliraki – perhaps the most famous resort of the island of Rhodes. Behind short time from a small fishing village, he turned into a center tourism with a great beach, a wide choice of hotels and a vibrant night by life.

Faliraki on Rhodes: from a fishing village to a tourism center

Holidays to Faliraki

Faliraki is located 9 km from the international airport and only 13 km from the capital of Rhodes. The main reason for its popularity is beaches covered with clean sand. The coast of Faliraki stretched almost 5 km and will please fans of outdoor activities. On the beach plenty of entertainment is offered: from windsurfing and parasailing before water skiing, banana and jet ski. However, from Faliraki you can go to the neighboring beaches. Near located famous outside of rhodes beach anthony quinn, afandu with white pebbles and quiet bay Ladiko.

Faliraki on Rhodes: from a fishing village to a tourism center

The resort is considered the main entertainment center of the island, where vacationers come from all parts of Rhodes. In Faliraki works A large water park with attractions for extreme sports and children. Nearby there are several amusement parks with children’s merry-go-rounds, exciting rides and the Ferris wheel. Also Faliraki choose lovers of nightlife. There is a street in the resort area bars and clubs that comes alive after sunset.

Faliraki on Rhodes: from a fishing village to a tourism center

Faliraki is focused on tourists with different preferences. Therefore, here you can easily find both cheap apartments, and luxury hotel complexes. One of the most popular hotels Faliraki – Mitsis Faliraki Beach (Mitsis Faliraki Beach), located right on the sandy beach. He will do the same both for youth, and for family rest.

Sights in Faliraki

As for the attractions, the acquaintance with Faliraki You can start with a boat trip. In about an hour you can enjoy the beauty of the seaside resort and its surroundings. Then It is worth exploring the Falraki Christian shrines. One of them – St. Nectarius church, built of terracotta stone. Beside there is a bell tower and a picturesque garden. By the way, this is one of largest structures Faliraki. The church is in the old district, near two ancient monasteries.

Faliraki on Rhodes: from a fishing village to a tourism center

From Faliraki you can quickly get to the most interesting places. Rhodes. First of all, before the capital with a heritage of different eras and the ancient city of Lindos. From Faliraki buses go to Kallithea – more one popular resort where hot springs are located. Excursions to the islands of Tilos and Symi are also offered.

Photo: mitsishotels.com, Rachel Samuels, Valerio Radice, stavos, Barna Laczy

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