Excursions to Santorini from Mouzenidis Travel

The company “Mouzenidis Travel” offers its customers a closer get acquainted with the history of Greece during sightseeing tours of country.


Туристы имеют шанс своими глазами увидеть шедевры греческихarchitects and sculptors, to visit the world famous archaeological sites visit places where legendary events of epics and myths, known to us since the school benches.

Santorini Island is one of the highlights of Greece, therefore, in “Mouzenidis Travel” developed diverse excursions, thanks to which everyone will be able to open this corner of Hellas in their own way!

Excursions to Santorini from Mouzenidis Travel

Tour of Santorini

The island of Santorini has long been considered the main tourist mecca of the world elite. Therefore the company “Mouzenidis Travel” was pleased to include it in your excursion program. Travel to santorini provides for air travel from Heraklion airport. On board a comfortable aircraft passengers are offered soft drinks, and after an hour and a half of the road tourists fall on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

The first point of the excursion program is the picturesque town of Oia, with typical Mediterranean architecture. Further the route follows to Firostefani, and then during the walk, tourists get acquainted with The capital of the island is Fira. This city is located at an altitude of 300 m above sea ​​level. White houses with blue roofs are built absolutely chaotically, in several tiers, and this is what gives the town a special charm. There is no traffic, and residents and guests move along narrow winding streets and stairs. Fira guests with pleasure admire the view of the endless sea, rocks, and flooded crater of the volcano, which in ancient times was part of the city.

After a walk through the souvenir shops, which are here set, tourists can cheer up excellent coffee, and then – Dine in one of Santorini’s best taverns, where guests are served simple but at the same time delicious Mediterranean dishes the kitchen.

A tour of Santorini ends with a visit to the excavations at Akrotiri. And after that, tourists finally have the opportunity plunge into the sea and sunbathe on the famous local beaches with black volcanic sand.

It is said that after visiting Santorini there is a desire be sure to return there at least once again, because the mystery that lurking in this island again and again beckons travelers.

Santorini map in Russian

Wine tour

In our time, winemaking is associated mainly with France. But it was the Greeks who discovered this divine drink for the European crops, because the vine was cultivated in all regions ancient Hellas. Santorini still produces excellent wine, so wine tours – one of the highlights of the tour island programs.

During the trip, tourists get acquainted with the features of growing grapes on volcanic soil and get the opportunity taste the fine taste and aroma of local wines. In the program included a visit to the winery Santo Vina and vineyards Sigalas Winery (followed by tasting). And in the wine museum at the factory Kuttsoyannopoulos guests will talk about the features the production of this drink and the changes that have occurred in industry over the past three centuries.

Duration of the tour – 3 hours.


The sunset on Santorini is so beautiful that it even became part of the excursion program. During the tour you can admire the wonderful sunset from several viewing platforms, and at the same time and get acquainted with the main attractions islands.

Excursions to Santorini from Mouzenidis Travel

The first is the oldest church in Santorini Panagia Episkopi (built in the 11th century). In the church are rare and very valuable icons, and the walls are decorated with wooden frescoes

You can plunge into the life of another era during the next stop in the village of Pyrgos. Life is like here stopped a few centuries ago and even in the hectic 21st century proceeds quietly and slowly. The next item is the monastery of the Prophet Elijah. and the fascinating view of the sea and the caldera that opens from it (flooded hollow of an ancient volcano, on which, in fact, the cities of Santorini were built).

And the culmination of the program will be the very unique beauty sunset that the tour participants will watch in the town And I. It’s worth making sure that even the best hand creations people can not overshadow the amazing miracle that they give us at sunset the sun, sky and sea.

Duration of the tour – 4 hours.

Cruise to the volcano

Sea cruise around the island of Santorini starts at the old port of fira the minute its members board the traditional sailing yacht “Thalassa”. The first stop is waiting for you on the uninhabited the island of Nea Kammeni, which was formed by the eruption the volcano and where tourists walk with pleasure, looking crater and other traces of volcanic activity.

The next item on the program is swimming in hot volcanic sources, after which the captain of the ship and his crew invite guests to a meal with traditional Greek snacks.

Calder Santorini was formed in the 17th century. BC. after most powerful volcanic eruption. Caldera’s second largest island – Firasya. Sailing past him, cruise participants will be able to admire small ports of Armani and Ammoudi, as well as scenic views town of Oia. In the evening, exquisite Greek are waiting for the cruise participants. Santorini wines, beautiful sunset and relaxing saxophone sounds, under which the ship will return to the port of Fira.

Duration of the tour – 5 hours.

Santorini beaches

This tour is a real find for lovers of the sea and picturesque corners of nature. During the tour you can visit the best beaches of the island: Black sand monolithos, Kamari beach, which won the Blue Flag award for cleanliness and livability, as well as admire the crystal clear water beaches Perivolossa and Perissa. Last stop – famous Red Beach, whose name was given ocher-colored rocks that also owe their origin the volcano.

Excursions to Santorini from Mouzenidis Travel

Duration of the tour – 5 hours, at the request of customers the excursion program can be supplemented with other beaches.

Tour of the archaeological sites

Greece also has its own Pompeii – an ancient city buried many centuries ago under a layer of lava and ash from a volcanic eruption. And this place is located in Santorini – we are talking about an amazing the archaeological complex of Akrotiri, which recently reopened after renovation.

Visitors to Akrotiri have a unique opportunity to stroll through the streets of the ancient city and see buildings with your own eyes built several thousand years ago and mothballed due to sudden natural cataclysm.

After a walk through Akrotiri, the tour continues with a tour of the oldest Santorini – Panagia Episkopi churches, and then – walk through the ruins of ancient Thira, located at an altitude of 356 m above sea ​​level. From this point of the island there is a stunning view of neighborhood, caldera and aegean sea. The final point of the tour – Museum of Prehistoric Thera (Thira).

Duration of the tour – 5 hours, tickets are paid. separately.

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