Excursion to the monasteries of Meteora: the ascent to holy places


Отважившиеся на пешую экскурсию к монастырям Метеоры должны бытьin good physical shape: they have to overcome the distance more than eight kilometers.

Excursion to the monasteries is a great opportunity. get acquainted with the long history and enjoy the majestic the beauty of these places.

The second most important after monastery complex of Orthodox monasteries built on the tops of hard-to-reach rocks. Today monasteries Meteors are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What you need to do to make a foot climb to holy places?

  1. Decide on a hotel in Kalambaka (Mr. Trikala)
  2. Book in advance at the individual tour guide
  3. Discuss all the details of the upcoming trip
  4. Put your physical shape in order, because you expect many kilometers long walk
  5. Do not forget about comfortable shoes.

It should also be recalled that the monasteries of Meteora are active Orthodox objects, the entrance to which is possible only in strict clothes: no shorts for men above the knee, for women – only with covered head and in long skirts.

If you can’t climb on foot or your hotel is located at a decent distance from the monasteries (for example, in Thessaloniki), then book a tour at the hotel guide. Today, almost every major tour operator (Mouzenidis Travel, Solveks-Tourne, Labyrinth) has in your list of excursions to the monasteries of Meteora.

You can also organize a private tour along with individual guide Nikos Anastasiadis or Ioannis Dalyanidis.

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