EU will decide on visa-free travel Russians in Greece for a month


Министерство иностранных дел Греции ожидает, что Евросоюзwithin a month will make a decision on trips Russians, citizens of Turkey, the Mediterranean islands, reported Deputy Foreign Minister Yorgos Katrugalos told reporters.

According to him, on February 8 during his visit to Brussels he discussed the commissioner Franz Timmermans question the removal of a pilot program allowing Turkish citizens and tourists visit the islands of the Aegean Sea without a Schengen visas

“The program has operated since 2012 and very favorably affected the economy of the islands. We would like extend it this year, “said Katrugalos.

He said that the European Commission did not prohibit visa-free trips this year. The decision is not yet made, said deputy minister

“The program ended in October last year. Now its extension is required, and the question is being studied in the European Commission. The decision is expected within a month. It is clear that this is due to security issues. EU visa regime, “said Katrugalos, hoping for a positive decision.

He also announced that Greece intends to strengthen the consular service. in Izmir and Istanbul, if the decision of the European Commission is negative so that tourists can get there visas.

According to the pilot program, tourists in Turkey could rest visit the Greek Islands without a Schengen visa. At the same time they visa-free travel to the continental part Greece

Source: RIA News

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