Durian – a gift of the exotic nature of Thailand

Among all the most unusual fruits of the world on the first step is durian – a gift of the exotic nature of Thailand. is he endowed with many properties that have not yet been fully studied. Despite its mystery for scientists, the Thai fruit has attracted to tourists. He did not leave anyone indifferent – not those to whom Liked, nor those who displeased after the first test. Article about the types of soft drinks in Thailand hotel I would like to mention the durian fresh juice, smelling like hell and delicious like heaven!

Features durian

What is this durian fruit? His main the characteristic is impressive parameters – weight up to 8 kg and length up to 30 cm. Flesh of the fruit is protected by a dense skin, studded pyramidal prickles. Under it hide 5 oblong chambers, filled with light mass. Argued that their contents gives off a pungent smell and gives unforgettable taste.

Believe it or not, durian in Thailand is quite valuable as a fruit. Locals even recognized it as a national property. They eat it from childhood. Thais know that the fruit Durian is rich in all beneficial substances for the body. Also he refers to the natural male aphrodisiac.

There are legends about the smell of durian. Someone spread the rumor that he stinks of a rotting corpse and eat its unacceptable. Softer use of durian expressed in the fact that you need to eat it or after cleaning, or for half an hour, since later he will begin to exude stench.

Durian in Thailand

How durian grows

What is the taste of Thai durian?

The taste of durian is described by some as divine, and the smell speak badly. However in Actually, both smell and taste are equal. They are pretty nice but are specific to Russian tourists vacationing in Thailand. Sometimes for the sake of curiosity, foreigners left the peeled fruit in the hotel on day, checking the veracity of intolerable stink. No matter how! Having rest up in a hot room for more than a day, he acquired more pleasant smell, which slipped notes of orange crusts.

Reliably convey the taste of durian does not work, because each consumer has his own impressions. If you look at this question from the consistency pulp, it is comparable to the softness of cheese and banana. Aftertaste each person is different. Some tourists like fruit rotten onions, others – stale herring, the third – walnut-cheese mass of But this is still the most innocent taste comparison. durian. There are such connoisseurs of exotic in Thailand, who identify his relish with children’s stool.

About the benefits of durian

Thai durian – truly extraordinary fetus. The presence of organic sulfur is not a reason for failure to eat this exotic food. Since sulfur is important in the life of the body substance, without it the formation of cartilage and nervous tissue, bones, hair, nails and skin. Sulfur is needed for the normal flow of biochemical reactions and processes for the production of enzymes and amino acids.

Thai fruit durian

Considering the beneficial properties of durian, it is worth note its beneficial effect on immunity, cardiovascular, reproductive and nervous systems. Him Calcium, magnesium and zinc richness best affects activities of all departments of the body. Fiber derived from durian, improves the work of the digestive tract, antioxidants remove harmful substances, vitamin C contributes to the overall recovery of the body.

Durian’s bactericidal properties make it easier for the immune system to fight with pathogenic microbes. How aphrodisiac fetus strengthens male potential, and women gives a chance to acquire offspring. If a regularly use the Thai fruit durian, natural airway clearance and more can be achieved productive work of the lungs. But they should not be abused – the fruit increases blood pressure.

Buying Durian

Despite the durian spring and summer season, Thailand is sold year-round. In winter you can stumble on unripe fruits, but it is easy to identify them by their hardness and absence smell. The price of 1 kg of undivided durian is 100 baht. Pure flesh sold in trays at the rate of 80 baht for the contents of one camera fruit Take durian out of Thailand due to its peculiarities Smell can not, so if you already put this fruit a suitcase, it is better to eat it before going to the airport.

How to choose durian

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