“Drawings of Ottoman Istanbul”: a new exhibition in Benaki Museum


В среду, 23 марта в 20:00, в афинском МузееBenaki will open an exhibition of art from the collection Thomas Hop – British and Dutch banker, philosopher, architecture expert and collector. She got the name “Drawings of Ottoman Istanbul”.

The exhibition includes drawings depicting Istanbul of the XVIII century. By it is easy to imagine how the architectural buildings looked like details and costumes of the time. Born in a magnate family, Hop in XVIII century went on a tour of Greece and Turkey – at the time habitual entertainment for people from high society. Home he returned with drawings, sketches of panoramas of Istanbul, monuments, palaces, mosques, fountains, residents of the city, markets, cafes and interesting architectural elements. All drawings are supplied explanatory captions. The importance of the Thomas Hop meeting – not only in the fact that the drawings deliver aesthetic pleasure. it A treasure for anyone interested in Ottoman Constantinople period

The exhibition in Athens is organized jointly with the Ministry of Tourism Turkey For a wide range of visitors the exhibition will be available. one day after opening – March 24th. Look at the collection visitors to the Benaki Museum will be able until September 25, 2016.

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