Diving in Corfu: information and diving clubs

In Greece, diving is not very popular. Until recently the government categorically limited diving due to worries regarding ancient artifacts and important archaeological underwater elements and objects that can be found, exported and not made public.

19.10.2018Diving in Corfu

К счастью, на данный момент правительство Греции ослабило своеrelation to scuba diving, although it is still under supervision, especially for narrow specialists, or for example night dives and dives on sunken objects.

Since diving is historically not as popular in Greece, the impressive part of the underwater world remains largely not investigated. This is quite interesting because there are dozens of islands scattered around Greece in the Ionian and Aegean Seas with hidden treasures that have not yet been detected. Diving in Corfu (and most islands Mediterranean Sea) is based on the abundance and diversity of fish and interesting rock formations, visits to the sunken ships. The visibility is surprisingly good (average about 50 feet), and octopuses, squids, starfish, skates and fire worms are fairly common. Local divers are very friendly that compensates for their lack of organizational abilities, but in some ways this is their highlight. Most good diving clubs in Corfu are located. along the west coast and northeast coast; We recommend to dive close to these places, if suddenly you plan on doing it yourself.

Diving Club in Corfu

A fan club of diving can be found in Agios Georgios, next door to Arillas Bay The club was founded 12 years ago, shortly after how the restrictions on diving were lifted and offers all levels training – from primary to dive master.


Here are immersed every day. Beginners (non-certified) and experienced (certified) divers. Small groups gather under the guidance of a certified instructor.

Also offer diving courses.

Diving sites are selected depending on weather conditions. and experience divers.

Beginning at 9:15 – 9:30. Departure at 10:00 from the dive center. Return at 14: 00-15: 00. The program includes 2 dives in different places.

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