Day trip to Santorini: where to buy and what to see during this time?


Увидеть Санторини — мечта многих, но не у каждого получаетсяspend on this island a week or two. Knowing this, many companies and tour operators offer an alternative: day trip. Behind for a short time one can become acquainted with the main treasures of the Greek islands, make great photos and come back with a mass impressions in the main place of rest. The attractive one-day Excursion to the picturesque Santorini and where is it better to buy it?

Pros and cons: are there any drawbacks to a day trip?

The main argument for a day trip to Santorini is for Many tourists have the opportunity to visit at once all the main attractions of this island and not spend too much. If a go through a local travel agency or tour operator, the cost is already includes excursions, travel to Santorini, guide services. Which means that you don’t have to worry about organizing the trip. Besides not need to think about hotel accommodation, because in the season to find free room on Santorini is very problematic.

One day excursion is a great opportunity. to diversify the rest by combining it with a visit to this famous islands. Separately, it should be said that for someone The short trip to Santorini is a plus. You can look at the island and decide whether you want to relax in the future here is full.

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To the main disadvantages of this trip can, oddly enough, again attributed short term. Santorini deserves detailed study and more measured pace of rest. Also, going to the island is just for a day, you can hardly wait to wait what is going to Santorini – the famous sunset.

Budget day trip: how much does it cost to get acquainted with island

The most options for a day trip to Santorini are tourists who rest in Crete. Such excursions here are held regularly, so you can pick a program to your taste and according to your budget. In local agencies prices on an excursion range from 120-160 euros. Included in the price transfer to the ferry, tickets to Santorini and excursion, often – lunch and entrance fees. But sometimes at the peak of the season the price tag grows: it affects very high demand.

The second option for the purchase of excursions – offers tour operators. They are ready to organize a trip on average for 150-200 Euro. Unlike local agencies, which often provide tour in English only, tour operators always guides they speak Russian. Do tourists on the mainland and other islands, except Crete, also have the opportunity to see Santorini. For them tour operators have prepared an excursion with a flight from a variety of corners of Greece. On average, it will cost 300 euros.

Finally, you can still take care of your journey at home and find a guide with a good reputation. Usually guides offer more than tour operators, the number of programs for a day trip. In that case prices vary and depend not only on the selected services, but and on the type of excursion – individual or in a mini-group. Worth count in the amount of 170-400 euros.

What to see in Santorini in one day

One day in Santorini is enough to visit the main cities and attractions. Usually the tour starts in Ie – the most picturesque settlement of the island. This is where tourists make impressive photos and walk through the cozy streets. For The city is characterized by a special kind of Cycladic architecture, and even new buildings are built strictly in this style. By the way, the movement of cars in It is forbidden, so you can enjoy carefree walks.

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After Ie, the one-day excursion continues in Fira. Despite developed tourism, the capital of the island preserves the authentic architecture glorified Santorini. You can visit Fira Archaeological Museum with ancient finds and Ethnographic Museum with household items. Besides Moreover, it is worth seeing Ayiu-Mina – a church that adorns all postcards and leaflets of the island. Most of excursions to Fira involves visiting the volcanic islands in Caldera, which was formed after a volcanic eruption.

One of the stops during the tour is Akrotiri. These excavations of the Minoan monument civilizations matter not only for Santorini, but also for the whole Greece The completion of the route is usually a visit to one of amazing volcanic beaches of the island.

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Choosing a day trip to Santorini, many content with a rich program. But most still dream come back here again and linger on the island to explore take him on foot, spend a romantic holiday or pay attention unparalleled gastronomy of Santorini. And in all cases this island is not will leave anyone indifferent.

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