Cycladic gastronomic festival will be held on Sifnose


3-5 сентября остров Сифнос в 9-й раз приглашает наgastronomic festival of Nikolaos Celementes. This particular the Athenian cook once invented a new version of the musaki, and his name highly esteemed by Greek culinary. Events will be held on the central square of Artemonas and the seaside villages.

Cycladic tastes and aromas, traditional recipes and specials local products, as well as dancing, demonstration of local customs, music – all this awaits the guests of the festival. The program found a place for craft fairs and master classes for children. Won’t do without warm atmosphere and generous treats.

Every day, viewers will learn the secrets of the recipes of Sifnos and regions that will take part in the festival. Every evening after tastings – an exciting program:

On September 3, concerts and shows of musicians and dancers from different parts of the country.

September 4, tourists will be able to visit the traditional Sifnos wedding More precisely, on her statement with a demonstration of customs. The event will begin after 18:00 in the village of Exsabela and take place from Celementes home through several villages. On Artemonas Square “Wedding” welcome traditional songs.

September 5, the best musicians of Cyclades will perform with folklore songs of the cycladic islands.

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