Crete Weather in May 2020

Weather in Crete in May 2020

Even in our latitudes, May is a very warm month. What to say about Crete? On the island in May begins the most real Greek summer.

But the main difference between this period and the summer period is the absence a large number of tourists, because the high season is not yet has come.

In this article we will tell:

  • About the weather in Crete in May, the temperature of water and air.
  • What to see and do on the island at this time.
  • On the cost of rest on the island in May 2020.
  • 7 useful tips for a comfortable and memorable recreation.

The content of the article

  1. May weather: water and air temperature
  2. Crete in May: is it worth it to go?
    1. Things to do?
    2. What to see?
    3. What is interesting island Kritdlya children?
    4. Prices for holidays in Crete in May 2020
  3. 7 tips for those who are going to Crete in late spring

May weather: water and air temperature

The main tourist season begins on the island in May. The air temperature is rarely above 25 ° C, so you can enjoy the comfort of exploring the surroundings and attractions.

In the evenings it is cool, but to stay in the air is quite acceptable. The water warms up after a cool April, its average The temperature is approaching 20 ° C.

Crete Weather in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 20… 24 ° C + 16… 17 ° C +19 ° C
In the end of May + 21… 25 ° C +18 … 19 ° C + 20 ° C

If you like swimming in comfortable water, it is better to Crete come in the second half of the month – weather conditions will be more “loyal.”

There is almost no precipitation in May, air humidity reaches 60%.

Although the infrastructure at the resort is starting to function since April, the main influx of tourists should expect in the second half of May.

A small flow of tourists contributes to the fact that prices in May Holidays on the island are much lower than in the popular summer months.

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

Where are the cheapest tours: 10 rules for buying a tour →

Crete in May: is it worth it to go?

Few tourists – few queues to the sights! Here is The main postulate of May holidays in Crete. In addition, cool the weather will make a visit to the historical and cultural values as comfortable as possible.

Things to do?

  • Nature. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, breathe in full chest all the flavors and only then go to fascinating journey around the island.
  • Surfing. In May, the appearance of “meltemi” winds is already possible, which pleases fans of extreme sports – surfers. Behind stronger winds should go to the northern part of the island.
  • Diving. Underwater lovers – divers – will also find on Crete many interesting things for themselves. The cave “fell in love” with divers Elephant and coastal space Skinaria.
  • Swimming in the sea. Those who are not afraid of seawater temperature in 19-20 ° C, can safely swim and sunbathe on the beach.
  • Flora and fauna. Nature lovers are advised to go to the ecopark “Lassithi”, and lovers of aquatic life and fauna – visit the aquarium on Crete.
  • Sights.

Weather in Crete in May, SurfingSurfing in crete

Crete Diving in CreteCrete Diving

Well, for lovers of history, Crete has prepared a lot of interesting things, read about it in the section below.

What to see?

Crete knows how to surprise. After all, it is here that you will see:

  • Plateau lassithi. The largest plateau on the island. Remarkable its beauty and fertile lands. Local people are actively grows on these lands various crops, vegetables and fruits. But The highlight of the plateau is the Dikteon Cave.
  • Dikteon’s Cave (Dikteyskaya Cave, Zeus’s Cave). According to legend, the most famous god of ancient Greece was born in this cave – Zeus. To our times a small lake has been preserved in the cave, where Mother Ray bathed the baby Zeus. The cave is amazing in its beauty. stalactites and stalagmites (“The mantle of Zeus”).
  • Knossos palace. According to the myths, through the mazes of this palace wandered Minotaur and ate young girls (“Labyrinth of the Minotaur”). The authorship of the palace is attributed to the creator of the notorious wings – Daedalus.
  • Monastery Kera Cardiotissa. One of the most famous on island of monasteries, the main shrine of which is considered miraculous icon of the Virgin. There are a lot of stories associated with the icon. So, according to legend, she always returned to her place, although she was repeatedly abducted from the walls of the monastery. The last time the Turks stole an icon and chained it to a pole, but the icon returned to the monastery along with the chain and pillar. The pillar is now standing in the midst monastery, and the chain is next to the icon; say they possess healing properties.
  • Fortress Frangokastello. The fortress is known for its ghosts. In May 1827, as a result of a brutal battle between the local population and the Turks captured the fort, and its defenders were killed. It is said that every year (approximately on the anniversary of the battle) people here see ghosts – defenders of the fortress.
  • Lake Kournas and Voulismeni. Kournas is the largest lake on the island. Once called Corisseus in honor of the goddess Athena Korean The lake is famous for amazing beauty and diversity. marine inhabitants. In the depths of the lake turtles swim. Lake Voulismeni has almost perfect shape. According to the myths in this lake bathed the goddess Athena. At the bottom of the lake remains of German military equipment since the Second World War.
  • Caves. An important role in understanding the Greek culture is played cave. There are about 3,000 of them here, and they are all enveloped. secrets and legends. The most beautiful cave – cave Sfendoni.

Crete Weather in May - Lake KournasLake Kournas

Crete, Lassithi PlateauLassithi Plateau

Crete, Sfendoni CaveSfendoni Cave

Crete, Fortress FrangokastelloFortress Frangokastello

What is interesting island Kritdlya children?

Vacation for children, Aquaworld terrarium in CreteTerrarium Aquaworld in Crete

On Crete, children will always find entertainment to their liking. It:

  • Waterpark “Water City”. The largest water park on the island, has more than 20 water rides.
  • Ecopark “Lassintos”. Here children will be able to closely get acquainted with rules of agriculture Cretans.
  • Farm “Agreco”. On this farm, children can become real farmers: feed the animals, bake bread and even milk goat
  • Terrarium “Aquaworld”. Great contact terrarium, located in the west of Chersonissos.
  • Oceanarium (or aquarium) “CRETAquarium”. On its territory there is a huge number of aquariums with marine the inhabitants. Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums The Mediterranean.

Prices for holidays in Crete in May 2020

The cost of both independent and package holidays, is shown in the table below.

Prices for tours to Crete in May 2020
Resort Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Tour price for two
7 days 10 days
Crete 3 * from 52 700 rub. from 57 550 rub.
Prices for independent holidays in Crete in May 2020
Resort Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Crete from 15 425 rub. from 1 787 rub. from 2 760 rub.

7 tips for those who are going to Crete in late spring

  1. May nights are still cool, take a warm rest to rest. clothes
  2. May the sun becomes quite bright, take it with you. sunscreen cosmetics.
  3. Winds that already appear in May form waves on the sea, be Neat and do not swim away from the shore.
  4. May 1 on the island celebrate the day of flowers, residential houses adorn bouquets of flowers, the local population goes to picnics.
  5. May is shopping time. The price of fur products in May is lower than in season.
  6. May 20 – a public holiday – the anniversary of the Battle of Crete war with the German troops. For several days throughout country are mass celebrations.
  7. Greece is one of the safest countries, but still not keep alert, thefts happen even here. Strongly We recommend having a copy of the documents in case of their loss or theft.

And you can see the rest on Crete personally in the next video.

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