Crete (Greece)

Crete Island, Greece – detailed information about the island and its sights Photos and places of interest of Crete, location on the map.

Crete (Κρήτη)

Crete – the largest Greek island and the southernmost point of Europe. Due to the mild climate, the rest will be very pleasant. Air of Crete wet (about 50%), and the weather is mild and sunny throughout three hundred days a year. If you are going to visit Greece, We strongly recommend that you start your holiday from Crete. Exactly hence one should discover all the peculiarities of life and culture this beautiful country.

The main city of Crete - Heraklion Main city Crete – Heraklion

When to go?

The ideal time for excursions around the island of Crete is April and May. AT this period you can capture the beauty and pleasant aroma local flora in full. For beach lovers June is ideal: the weather is quite mild at that time, and there are relatively few tourists. Perfect month for family recreation. July and August are hot summer months when residents and Crete’s guests spend a lot of time on the beach, escaping from the rays sun cool sea breeze. In September, the heat gives way cool, but the beach season does not end there.

Beaches of Crete Beaches of Crete

Sights and beauty of Crete

Nature in Crete has kept her indescribable words amazing beauty pristine look. The island is washed by the Aegean and Libyan crystal clear waters. Eastern side of Crete is a marvelous combination of bays, plateaus, rocky mountains and picturesque hills. South facing off the coast of Crete there are mountain complexes, cliffs and cliffs, and many more beaches – sandy and pebbly.

In the north of the island stretched beaches washed by quiet seas – in a word, this is the perfect place for a calm and peaceful family holiday. The western part of Crete is famous for its mountains with unique mountain vegetation and high humidity. Here, guests of the island are expected not only by the sea, but also by mountain rivers with a small warm lake.

Crete has been repeatedly mentioned in a huge number of legends. and myths of the ancient period, here you can refresh your memory or learn something new thanks to the many excursion tours. Isle Crete belongs to the Minoan land, which means that this is the place where the events of the legend of the skillful master Daedalus and his dreamy son Icara.

Knossos palace Knossos palace

One of the most popular attractions of this island is the palace of Knossos from this legend. Next to the palace located the excavation sites of the cities of the Minoan lands: Malia, Gostisa, Phaestos, as well as the famous Knossos Labyrinth, in the center which travelers were waiting for a dangerous Minotaur. Lovers of fine arts will surely like the museum named here El Greco – the famous creator of the Renaissance. Take a look at the beautiful lake Zaros and the sprawling Matala beach with him amazing red rocks and many caves of the period Neolithic

Attractive for guests of the island Palace of Knossos – a huge Archaeological Museum, where you can see the excavations of the Palace of Knossos – pearls of the Minoan civilization.

Lassithi Valley Valley Lassithi

Be sure to take a tour of the Lassithi Valley not far from him Here you can taste the Greek wines and watch the process of making olive oil. Better an excursion to the pottery workshop will help you to get acquainted with life, and also in the ancient mountain monastery, founded in the XIV century. Isle Crete will provide guests not only interesting excursions, here Everyone will find rest to his own taste – be it spending time on sunny beaches, fishing on yachts or off the coast of the sea, horse walks or an exciting trip to the island of Santorini.

Santorini Santorini

This island was the result of a volcanic eruption – the only such place in all of Europe. As many say ancient stories, for some time he was the refuge of pirates. Lovers of natural attractions are encouraged to visit Lake Kournas. Be sure to visit the monasteries with rich history, such as the monastery of Monis Preveli or Arcadia – a monastery medieval era.

Immerse yourself in a fairy tale, visiting the amazing village of Argyroupoli, surrounded by picturesque waterfalls.

Interesting places

Crete as if created for lovers of a peaceful holiday. by the sea. There are a lot of beaches here. sand and pebble, huge comfortable hotels and hotel complexes, bays, lakes, rivers, large and small resort settlements.

Heraklion Heraklion

The most developed, modern and most popular among tourists. part of Crete – Heraklion, dotted with many comfortable hotels. Here there are two large water parks and the famous ancient town Heraklion, famous for its port. You can have a great time here. time to go shopping or to taste the local cuisine in small restaurants.

Khersonis Khersonis

Youths loving the noisy vacation, definitely can like rest in Khersonis, where the spacious city beach is located, however, this is not the best place to stay with children. Families can rest a few kilometers from this place: for example, in quiet village of Rethymnon.

Kitchen and food

It’s hard to give specific advice on where get acquainted with the local cuisine, because it is beautiful almost in any restaurant! Traditional Cretan Dinner includes 12 dishes, so beginners are advised to share a portion for two. In many establishments play live music, which raises visitors mood.

Holidays in Crete will give you the best memories.

Crete Island on the map

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