Crete and Rhodes: which of the two islands of Greece choose to rest?


Родос или Крит — куда поехать? This question often rises before tourists who are going to spend holidays in Greece. These islands in no way inferior to each other: each has its own face, its features and attractive features. And it seems that without any of them of them all of Greece would be different. Yet between Rhodes and Crete not only to draw parallels, but also to make comparisons. Than islands different and what are they like?

Islands weather

Climate – perhaps the main criterion by which Crete and Rhodes almost completely the same. July and August are traditionally here dry and hot, and precipitation during the whole summer is not actually it happens. During peak season the temperature reaches +37. From the summer months June is considered the most successful for rest when the air is warm to +31. At the beginning of the season there is neither suffocating heat, nor a huge flow. tourists, so in Rhodes or Crete, you can relax in comfort. Those who can not stand the heat is better to choose these islands in May or in September At this time, the air is heated to an average of +30, but the breeze refreshes better than in high season. Some people care about October: Is it possible to swim at this time? In mid-autumn the weather is what Crete that remains in Rhodes in September. But clouds in the sky and light rain is not uncommon. And the evening is sure to take warm clothes.

Prices: which island is more affordable?

There is no question about the availability of Crete and Rhodes exact answer. There are opinions that everything is cheaper in Crete – starting from food and ending with hotels. And Rhodes, they say, offers more expensive accommodation. This is partly true, because even on the scale of Crete more “competitor”. And that means there are more hotels, competition higher and wider prices. However, on both islands there are both expensive hotel complexes and budget apartments. what As for the prices of food and goods, there is not much difference.

Fortress on Rhodes

Hotels Rhodes and Crete

Rhodes is waiting for a wide variety of hotels with excellent service. By this criterion, it is also not much different from Crete. because of smaller islands in Rhodes hotels stand more tightly to each other. to a friend. And in Crete, the distance between hotel complexes can be pretty big. Both islands are represented by large chains: for example, Mitsis and Aldemar. And in Crete, the amount high-end hotels are much more – again, because of the scale islands. Finding apartments on both islands is pretty simple: they family-oriented, so many of these proposals. If the animation is important in Russian, then you should choose Crete – on Rhodes Many hotels focus on German and British customers.

Beaches of Crete and Rhodes

Both islands are rich in beaches for every taste, but Crete has two important benefits. Since this is a large island, its sites the coast is more spacious, and hence the beaches are longer. Besides Crete has a lot of famous beaches, at various times recognized one of the most beautiful in the world. Why are only Elafonisi, Balos, Vai, Frangokastello, Georgioupoli. But there is a minus: many beaches Crete is known for openness to all winds, therefore a place to rest worth choosing carefully. And on Rhodes, most beaches are located in secluded coves and are suitable for children.

Beaches of Crete and Rhodes

Island Attractions

Neither in Crete nor in Rhodes will not be bored. These islands managed to accommodate so many monuments of different eras that view all for one vacation will not work. If you want to see antique Greek buildings in their classic sense, it is worth choose rhodes. The cities of Lindos and Kamiros are well preserved here. their ancient monuments. And on Rhodes left traces of presence Knights of St. John, in particular the Rhodes fortress and the whole the historical center of the capital is preserved in excellent condition. On Crete needs to go to those who are important to immerse themselves in religious traditions. Here are the most beautiful monasteries of Arkadi, Toplou, Preveli The island is also known for its romantic cities of time. Venetians (Chania, Rethymnon), in no way inferior Rhodes.

mountain Crete

As for the famous natural attractions, then Crete them much more than in Rhodes. Although the nature of both islands truly gorgeous, from the “big names” Rhodes boasts only the Prasonisi peninsula, the source of the Seven Springs and the Valley butterflies. Crete, in turn, is widely known for its famous natural treasures. Among them – the dictatorial cave, plateau. Lasithi, Imbros and Samaria Gorges, Lake Kournas, Melidoni Cave. Perhaps this is why Crete is so fond of supporters of active recreation.

Rhodes is often called the “most family” island, Crete. attributed to a difficult character. Of course, make an opinion about each of them can only personal experience. And choose a suitable island better at random – Crete and Rhodes, on which there is something for everyone tourist, just do not disappoint.

photo: Discover Crete, Εα Ελληνικά ησι Μας !!!

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