Corfu Island. All inclusive

In Greece, everything is there. To check how famous it is. the expression corresponds to the truth, we will go to the island of Corfu. The Greeks claim that a more beautiful and flourishing place is not found on the whole earth.


Действительно, остров просто утопает в зелени. First thing the gaze stops – these are endless gardens of olive trees, fond of almost every piece of clay and not too fertile land.

Sea epithets and a bit of history

The nature of the island can be compared to a five-star hotel: landscapes so good that it just takes your breath away. Turn your head to the right – the slender rows of cypresses stand together at attention, to the left – sprawling palms imposingly lower their branches to the ground, Straight – odorous oleanders fill the air with a delicate scent. Any aesthetic whim, and absolutely free. Expressing itself tourist lexicon – all inclusive.

Having rummaged in the Internet, you will surely find many versions, why and after whom the island was named. The most common of they have a clear mythological bias. “Guilty” in everything, as always love Terrible Poseidon kindled feelings for the river nymph Kerkyra stole her from her father, the god of the rivers. Make a love nest the young decide on one of the islands in the Ionian Sea, which subsequently, he received the name of the one that defeated the heart of Poseidon. Kerkyra – the second name of the island of Corfu, and in combination and the only city in its entire territory. Other populated The points are small villages, so if you want to feel the full flavor of the leisurely life of the Greek hinterland – good to welcome

So what is interesting you can look at Corfu, except expressive nature, blue sea and endless beaches? A curious traveler will always find something to do, so go on a trip.

Corfu Island. All Inclusive

Soap factory museum

How do you look at visiting an old soap factory? Walking through the narrow streets of Corfu, you can easily stumble upon any museum, although Greece itself is a museum exhibit. So, more to the point. The building of the manufactory is nothing different from other town houses, but you only have to step over the threshold, and immediately you find yourself in a completely different dimension. Soap here like a hundred years ago, it is done manually according to the recipe stored in strict secret. And although at the entrance hangs a sign with a supposedly public cooking formula, nothing but standard “oil + soda = soap + water” you will not read there.

Corfu Island. All Inclusive

Family dynasty mylovarov continues the work begun by the ancestors more than a century ago. Each bar is cut by hand and stamped. branded stamp. This is the only company in the country making soap from natural ingredients. Main ingredient – olive or date oil, as well as olive oil. By the way, this acting museum is an industrial monument. archeology. Such an original “title” he received from a local Ministry of Culture.

Saint Spyridon – the executor of desires

Another interesting sight, but already religious plan – the church of St. Spyridon. This saint is very revered among Greek believers, in particular, and the Corfun islanders. Can, therefore, a good half of the male population of Kerkyra is named in his honor, and most young parents do not bother long meditations, choosing a name for the unborn child. Landmark on the way to the cathedral – its red bell dome, clearly visible from various parts of the city. Turn towards him, and not exactly out of the way. get off. It is said that the relics of the elder fulfill desires, and the sick give health. If you want to check, attach to the satin Slippers of the saint and ask for help. And suddenly lucky.

Corfu Island. All Inclusive

Lovers of fauna dedicated

Gerald Darrell on CorfuFor fans of creativity Gerald Durrell also has a lot on Corfu interesting. Being an ardent naturalist, possessing with it sparkling sense of humor, he sang so poetically natural beauty of the island, which became famous not only during his lifetime, but after death continues to be a truly national hero. You can walk in Bosqueto Darrell Park, renamed after Darrell, or go to the village of Kalami, where his native lived brother Lawrence. The house that Gerald has been to has been preserved. since then It belongs to an ordinary Greek family, which for a separate fee rents rooms to everyone.

Goodbye Corfu

Chinese Corfu TangerinesWell, finally, before leaving, be sure to try the pink kumquat liqueur, real pride and the wealth of local winemakers. Only on Corfu island grow outlandish Chinese mandarins brought once by nerds Celestial on the Mediterranean. It is from them that make this aromatic and unsurpassed drink. Every self respecting a tourist must take a bottle of liquor home. Hint you understand, proceed to action!

Corfu Island. All Inclusive

Corfu Island. All Inclusive


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