Consulate General: Russians will have time to get greek visas for may holidays


Если потребуется, сотрудников переведут наround-the-clock operation.

This was announced at the meeting of the Consul General of Greece Eleni. Michalopoulu with representatives of tour operators. Details of the negotiations with a diplomat told portal Head of the visa department of Biblio Globus Maria Bogomolova. According to her According to him, the consulate is optimistic, it has increased the number of employees who are busy processing documents. The work of the visa center has also been enhanced: since Monday it does not accept No one in the queue live – only coupons. But promises work “until the last client”. “Priority will be given to those documents tourists who fly to Greece on April 30 and May 1 “, – clarified Maria Bogomolova.

Earlier in an interview with TASS press secretary of the Russian Union tourism industry Irina Tyurina said that many Russians can not have time to get Greek visas for the May holidays. According to her, More than 10 thousand passports have accumulated in the consulate. “By different it is estimated that the department processes a maximum of 800 passports per day … still no additional staff members appear Greece usually picks up for the high season “, – quotes Ms. Tyurina agency.

Similar information comes from tourists who have already begun posting on the photo queue. According to eyewitnesses, they stand in mostly those who have to be fingerprinted for visa, but there are those who come to get passports with visas.

The situation at the visa center is tense, convinced and correspondent Elizaveta Nefyodova, who left for the place events. According to her, representatives of the visa center came to the people and explained the situation with a technical failure in the electronic system the queue. “They promise to fix it, but when it’s unclear. People with coupons for hands do not know when they can get inside “, – said Elizabeth.

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