Comfortable holidays in Greece can be thrifty


Одной из важных причин массовой популярности Греции в этомholiday season are extremely affordable holiday prices. However, cheap rest is not always comfortable. To make it so for you, we are pleased to reveal some secrets. More precisely, these secrets should be called the basic rules, following which can successfully combine comfort with cost savings on holidays in Greece.

First, find a suitable resort and hotel.

As elsewhere, in Greece resorts are divided into budget, medium price range and expensive. On average budget price a three-star hotel room for 1 night is from 30 euros, four-star – from 50 euros, five-star – from 80 euros to person The average price range includes most Greek hotels. Prices for their rooms may differ only in depending on the place and time of the trip.

The most expensive are the island of Mykonos and the resort of Elounda on Crete Island. Similar prices on the Athenian Riviera and the resort of Sounio in Attica. Holidays in these places on average cost 10 000 euros.

Comfortable holidays in Greece can be economical

Choose a hotel exclusively in accordance with your needs. If you want to discover true Greece, go on country excursions, rent a car for long trips, then you are optimally suited cheap hotel. But if your plans is a settled relaxation vacation, to the choice of the hotel you need treat more carefully in order to pamper yourself with its luxury, soak up the greek sands. In this case, choose a hotel high level promising good food wide selection services.

However, we must not forget that not all hotels in the Greek resorts on Checking look as amazing as in advertising. Not worth it overpay for a mediocre hotel, it’s better to ask for it additional information from the tour operator. It is also worth reading various reviews on the internet spaces and evaluate custom photos of the hotel, made directly by tourists.

Comfortable holidays in Greece can be economical

Secondly, it is necessary to resolve the issue with nutrition.

Obviously, you need to eat tasty and budget. For moderate board you can enjoy traditional delights of Greek cuisine in local tavern. At 15-20 euros per person will cost you a full lunch or dinner One of the main tips we want to give: eat in those taverns in which the Greeks eat. So you can make sure that at a reasonable price that is geared towards local residents will be able to taste the really tasty food.

Comfortable holidays in Greece can be economical

Third, try to save with stocks. “pre-booking” as well as seasonal discounts.

Make arrangements for recreation in advance. In Greece It is cheaper to rest in October and May. Use and discounts on tours. To this end, follow the shares of the host company. After all, many of them with the purchase of three excursions can provide fourth as a gift or significantly reduce its cost. With Buying excursions you are free to be interested in discounts for children: adolescents under 14 visit archaeological sites and museums is free. Similar nuances that can make excursions more economical, you can find out when ordering them.

Comfortable holidays in Greece can be economical

Fourth, calculate the cost of a taxi.

Their parking is equipped with informative stands, where for convenience All official fares for travel to various directions and destinations. Pay attention to such information and do not fall for the tricks of taxi drivers to go by contract price, as the meter does not work. In Greece, a taxi is on average 1.2 euro / kilometer. Double fare valid at night time.

Fifth, beware of local amateur guides, obsessively offering their services.

Insistent offer to organize a free shopping tour fraught with unpleasant consequences until the robbery. In avoid trouble choose a proven tour operator, good proven in this market. Hotels provide major tour operators the most favorable prices, the rest is obtained really high quality and economical.

Comfortable holidays in Greece can be economical

And finally, choose excursions!

Do not trust third-party agencies selling travel services. Even if their offers seem much cheaper than Offer your host. Excursions from this kind Agencies are not always carried out on modern comfortable transport (be it a bus or a ship). And the lack of complete Insurance is a very frequent occurrence for them. Overwhelming majority guides from such organizations do not speak Russian. The absence of the usual service threatens to turn around if not offensive adversity, then additional costs that could be to avoid.

Comfortable holidays in Greece can be economical


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