Coffee Festival in Athens

May 13-15, Technopolis (Athens) will host the Coffee Festival. He is in equally focused on industry professionals as well as drink lovers.


The Coffee Festival will be held in AthensThe event is dedicated to everything which is associated with the culture of coffee consumption, but also not without gastronomic, educational and entertaining component.

Manufacturers will have the opportunity to contact consumers, and coffee fans will be able to find out about the latest developments and trends, try varieties from around the world, visit presentations and meet with the best barista from different countries.

The territory of Technopolis at the time of the festival will be divided into several categories. Some of them are: Greek coffee, Green coffees, Milk and coffee syrups, Coffee machines, Coffee common origin (from a specific region).

During the festival, many parallel events are planned. events. Of particular interest are tastings of all presented varieties. There will also be presentations with winners. barista championships, workshops for those who want to learn making delicious coffee at home, concerts and various performances that will not allow guests to get bored.

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