Choosing a beach: the five best and most beautiful beaches in Sithonia

In addition to more than 70 incredible beaches surrounding Sithonia is really very difficult to make a list of only five the best and most beautiful.

26.04.2018Kalamitsi beach

Пляжи Ситонии очень любимы туристами по двум простым причинам:perfect white sand and crystal clear turquoise sea. But after all this is almost the most important natural heritage of this region of Greece. AND Although many other beaches of Halkidiki are similar to each other, beaches Sithonia is unique in its own way.

We invite visitors to our site to get acquainted with the top five. the best beaches of Sithonia Chalkidiki peninsula version tourist rating.

Kalamitsi beach

1. Kalamitsi beach

Kalamitsi beach, which our tourists consider the best, is a medium sized beach and is located in the southern part Sithonia is exactly 5 km from the city of Sykia and 15 km from Sarti and Toroni. It is located in a beautiful bay, so it is completely protected from winds with calm water, and the bay has direct access to the sea, and this it means that the water on the beach is very clean ..

The beach is well organized: with several taverns, cafes and equipment rental agencies for outdoor activities such as boat or canoe rental and diving equipment.

Kalamitsi beach has a fairly long coastline which for the most part is not organized. Therefore, if you If you prefer not to pay for sun loungers, Kalamitsi is an excellent choice. is he covered in soft sand that continues into the sea with incredible shining blue and perfect for families with children who are looking for shallow water and sun warmed water.

Orange Beach Portokali

2. Orange Porttokali Beach

Although the beaches in this part of Sithonia (Megaportokali and Dukin beach) got more of our votes tourists, the majority of votes was won by the orange beach Portokali. Orange Beach is about 7 kilometers from Sarti, on the beach there is a bar, twenty umbrellas and about 40 sun beds. TO Unfortunately, the great popularity has led to the influx of a huge number having a rest, especially in a high season.

Despite this sad fact, visit it at least once, because they say, “Who was not on the orange beach, was not on Sithonia. ”

The color of the sea on this beach is turquoise and very transparent, and the sand soft. We recommend diving around the rocks.

Lagomandra Beach

3. Lagomandra beach

Lagomandra beach is actually two very beautiful sandy beaches. the beach. It is located north of Neos Marmaras, at a distance of about 7 km and is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in this parts of Sithonia. This is a beach with lots of natural natural shades that are shaded by thick pine forests.

In the southern part of the coast of Lagomandra, which is also popular with tourists, you can practice water sports and visit beach bars. But its northern part is in private property nearby hotels.

Both beaches have soft sand and are fantastic for swimming. AT shallow water in the northern part of the shorter and faster reach depths, and the sea in the southern part is very shallow and ideal for children.

Kalogria beach

4. Kalogria beach

Kalogria beach, located just 8 km from Nikiti, is one of the pearls of Sithonia and deserves to be included in the top 5 beaches.

In the seventies, it was a nudist beach, but because popularizing Sithonia today is one of the most popular beaches for families with children, both among the Greeks and many tourists from Russia and other countries.

Kalogria beach is covered with white sand, there are bars on it, chaise lounges and umbrellas are organized. Crystal clear shallow sea makes it perfect for small children.

Karidi Beach

5. Karidi beach

Karidi beach is located in Vourvourou, easily accessible and loved rest of the family with children because of the warm and shallow marine coast.

Karidi is a coniferous beach with a view of Athos and soft white sand that continues to shallow water in the depths turquoise sea. The beach is very popular, so during the season you, surely must count on the crowd.

Of course, in Sithonia, beautiful beaches are not limited to this. list of five beaches. We note others, which, of course, Loved by many of our tourists: Klimataria, Lagonissi, Tigany, Agios Ioannis – and many others.

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