Chocolate factory opens in Athens


Шоколадная фабрика и музей — новый тематический парк, которыйwill open on November 7 in Athens. It is located in the HELEXPO building and will be work until February 2016. Visitors will be able to see the real ones. chocolate waterfalls, giant truffles, try the caramel of all species and participate in workshops on the creation of cookies and chocolate

Everything you need to know will be on display at the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum. about cocoa trees, including samples of fruits of different varieties. In the room “Temple of the Aztecs” visitors will learn many legends and incredible stories about cocoa, as well as with the help of multimedia exhibition the way chocolate first came to Europe.

In the chocolate shop not only tell you how to make chocolate and pack it, but allow you to create your product and, of course, try it out. No less interesting is the master class for lovers. caramel. It will reveal all the details of production. And in the art gallery will be able to admire the sculptures, pictures, photos, comics and other works art related to chocolate. Theme Park will be the territory of experiments, and his visit is unforgettable and, most importantly, a delicious experience for people of all ages.

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