Children’s camps in Greece

15.07.2014Children's camps in Greece

Греция – страна, где будет одинаково интересно взрослым и детям.For the latter, camps operate on its warm coast, and the choice programs is huge. These are both educational and health vacations, the child is resting and at the same time receiving unforgettable impressions from gay greek summer.

About children’s holidays in Greece

For Greece, the development of children’s camps is as important as any another kind of rest. Similar institutions are already open in Halkidiki, Crete, Peloponnese. Communication takes place mostly in English or Greek, but recently Russian-speaking camps are opening or almost universally typed Russian-speaking staff.

On the children's holiday in Greecephoto:

A contingent of vacationers – children of 6-18 years old from different countries and even continents. That they do not miss, the camp staff are showing fantasy in the organization of leisure. Kids ride on the cognitive excursions, participate in games, competitions and contests, splash in the sea, and in the evening have fun in discos or visit the set peer performances.

Usually races are organized in late June-August. At the same time camps take up to 400 children, but there are also those that are designed for 1000 people. And vice versa: there are very small, almost family. The decision is made only by the parents with the child. But if I want children to make friends from all over the world, it is better to send them in large camps – here they form large groups of children different countries.

The change in the Greek camps lasts 21 days, but the timing can reduce or increase depending on the wishes. By the way not It should be expected that the rules of the camps of Greece are especially different from Soviet: here is an early rise, obligatory quiet time, children clean the rooms yourself. But the food is always good and one child won’t go hungry. The menu includes Greek dishes. casseroles, sweets, fruits.

Advantages of recreation for children from Russia in the camps of Greece

The first thing parents want for their child when choosing a camp – attentive attitude and care from the staff. In Greece for you can not worry: the local population, without exaggeration adores children and is hospitable to little tourists. In the camps strict security system, the territory is always protected.

Another reason to choose for the child is the Greek camp – proximity to the most iconic sights. Children always it is more interesting to see ancient ruins than to read about them. Child recruited impressions that form in him the desire to knowledge.

Finally, the ecology of Greece cannot be compared with the ecology of polluted cities, and control over the purity of the sea is enhanced. Climate country is considered healing and turns the rest of the child in wellness trip.

The best children’s camps in Greece

Eleones – the camp where they organize Russian-speaking units. It is located in Halkidiki, in the village Deleki For children, dance lessons, sports competitions, trips, excursions, swimming under the supervision of lifeguards and coaches contests. The infrastructure of this camp is extensive, therefore children will not be bored: these are sports fields for every taste, swimming pools for different ages, amphitheater, workshops, rooms for dance classes, gymnastics and aerobics. Every child can take part in a theatrical production or become a member of the choir – depending on their aspirations. Children lodge in small houses (up to 10 people). The local beach is clean and was awarded Blue flag. The territory is under the clock security.

The best children's camps of Greecea photo:

Skouras is another camp in Chalkidiki where rest children from 6 to 16 years. The daily program includes sports events, creative lessons, master classes in photography and acting skills. Those interested can sign up for lessons. English – stay in an international camp makes the process learning more effective.

Infrastructure Skouras – amphitheater, swimming pools, sports site Several times a week, children are sent on tours of neighboring villages. Put them in houses in groups of 6 people. plus attendant.

Alexandra Camp in Kavala located far from the slopes in an ecologically clean area. Sports grounds allow you to organize competitions not only for beginners, but also for children, whose level of training is much higher average. The camp positions itself primarily as sports, so the infrastructure here corresponds to the subject: There are swimming pools, a handball and football court, and a tennis court.

The camp has its own buses, on which children carry on interesting sights: archaeological monuments, museums, caves, as well as the ferry to the island of Thassos, in Thessaloniki and water park.

Many Greek camps aim to create friendly atmosphere. The main task is to make the child feel myself in a close-knit family and came back with a baggage of knowledge and impressions. The demand for this form of recreation only grows. And maybe quite will soon replace the classic family holiday in Greece with children.

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