Can Greece become an alternative to Egypt and Turkey?


Egypt for many years remained the leading winter destination among Russians. The secret of the popularity of its resorts are low prices and opportunities for year-round recreation. But after the ban on flights to this country and tour operators, and tourists are thinking about finding alternative directions. As such, are considered Vietnam, Tunisia, Turkey and Thailand. And what can Greece offer? which is traditionally perceived as a place primarily for summer holiday?

Ski resorts: changing diving on the snow-covered slopes

For active tourists, an alternative to Egyptian diving can become the snow-covered slopes of Greece. Ski resorts can be found in most different points of the mainland. It is they who make Winter holidays in this southern country are interesting and varied. To that the prices of local resorts are much lower than Austrian or Swiss.

In the region of Macedonia, you can spend time at the resort Boarded with wide pistes for skiers with any level preparation. The season starts here in December, so you can safely to go to Seli for the New Year holidays. The snow does not melt on resort slopes until March.

Can Greece become an alternative to Egypt and Turkey?

Kaimaktsalan is a superbly developed resort with views of Olympus. There are 16 available tracks, several ski schools, 6 lifts, apartments and several cafes. The Greeks themselves love ride in the resorts of Parnassos. There are 20 tracks and 12 lifts. You can stop at one of the many hotels or give away a preference for the traditional colorful houses of Arachova and its neighbors settlements.

Spa resorts: the benefits and pleasure

Swim in the sea in winter Greece will not work, but for spa treatments come best times. Many health resorts continue to work in the winter and offer many ways take care of your health and body, get rid of stress and return from vacation literally “new” man. The main advantage Spa holidays in Greece in the winter – reasonable prices.

Evia is the most famous balneological center Thermae Sylla. On the territory he occupies 3000 years, beat healthy sources. Water used in procedures and thalassotherapy. On the mainland you can relax on resort Loutraki. Since ancient times, its waters have been used to treat skin and gastric diseases. As an addition to standard drinking courses and baths are offered wraps and a contrast shower. If neither one of the specialized resorts will not be able to, in any corner of Greece there are spa hotels with a high level of service.

Sights: Alternative to the Egyptian Pyramids

Not the last role in the popularity of Egypt was played by its centuries-old attractions. As for Greece, by their number, it is even exceeds the direction closed to the Russians. Winter is the most time to get acquainted with the wealth of Greece without heat, queues and crowds tourists. Egyptian pyramids can be replaced by excursions in Meteora monasteries, a trip to Athens, where every stone breathes history, or Crete – here are deserted after the high season Venetian cities can finally get around without fuss.

For sightseeing tourism is suitable Thessaloniki, air traffic with which in the winter does not stop. This is a cultural the capital of Greece with many museums, interesting festivals and monuments of different eras.

What is Greece inferior to Egypt in winter and wins against Turkey?

Despite all the advantages of Greece and the possibilities for winter rest, this alternative has four minuses:

  • In winter, Greece will not please the gentle sea. Somewhere (on Crete or Rhodes) and on certain days you can even sunbathe in the winter months. But swim and come back with a chocolate tan not will succeed;
  • Charters do not fly to Greece in winter. Get to countries can only be scheduled flights from major cities European part of the Russian Federation;
  • Greece is not the cheapest destination. Although in low season prices are much lower than hot summer due to the euro exchange rate the country cannot compete with Egypt for cheapness;
  • Need a visa. Buy a burning ticket or tour to Greece will not work in winter, but the need to execute documents stops many tourists.

But Turkey as another alternative direction Greece second only to the need to get a visa. The climate of the neighboring countries are exactly the same, but in terms of the quality of service and level Greece is far superior in security. what As for prices, Turkey has long ceased to be a cheap destination, choosing which you can save well.

A holiday in Greece may not be a full substitute. classical rest in Egypt. However, this country has its own advantages, thanks to which the rest will take place no less than even more interesting. There are dozens of destinations in Greece, and any of them can be safely recommended for making new tourist discoveries.

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