Blue Flag Award 2016. 430 of the cleanest beaches


25 мая в гостиничном комплексе Порто Каррас (Халкидики)The Blue Flag Award Ceremony took place.

In total, in 2016 the number of winners included 4271 places from 49 countries. Greece has become the third winning country since 430 beaches and 9 marinas (marinas). This year the number Blue Flag’s Greek beaches are 35 more than Last year.

It should be noted that about 25% of the cleanest beaches are located on the island of Crete.

Over the past few years, the Blue Flag Award has become unique and prestigious symbol of high quality beaches and marinas. The uniform standard for this award was developed in 2001 by the Foundation. Environmental Education (FEE) (Denmark). In Greece, the “Blue Flag” awarded by the Greek Society for the Conservation of Nature (EEPF).

Beaches, claiming to be the best, must comply with 32 criteria required by FEE. These requirements include such Items like: security equipment, water quality at sea, beach equipment, safe access to the beach, clean toilets, etc.

The winners include the beach located on Crete, flag which is marked with the symbol “U”. This means that the beach is equipped special ramp for people with disabilities.


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