Bicycle friendly hotels in Greece will marked with special stickers


Греческие отели, дружелюбно настроенные по отношению кcyclists and those offering special services will now receive special sticker. This campaign has become part of the program attracting cyclists to Greece. Bike pilot launch Friendly Hotel will be held in November at the World tourist exhibition in London.

The initiative belongs to the Greek Society for the Protection of nature (EEPF). The label will mark the hotels and apartments, which in addition to standard accommodation offer safe storage of bikes at night, regional maps special bike trails, repair kits and vehicle maintenance, washing / drying clothes and equipment. Also on the sites of hotels participating in program should be posted recommendations for repairing bicycles and addresses of the nearest rolling offices. In the future, hotels will start offer bike tours and wellness programs.

Among the hotels that have already received a special mark, is Porto Carras Meliton in Chalkidiki. Confirmations 20 more hotels in Crete, Evia, Kos, Metsovo, Pelion and Messinia. All of them will receive a certificate after completing the necessary requirements.

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