Beach Navagio on Zakynthos want reconstruct


AT ласти острова, включая Святую митрополию, которая обладаетjurisdiction over Navagio Beach, have submitted major renovation plans in Ministry of Tourism.

The project provides for the creation of a theme park. Вin particular, they are planning to build a horseshoe viewing platform, the rounded part of which will “hang” in the air, a restaurant and a cafe, parking for 120 cars, underground museum, lounges, shops, conference center, arrange shady places where you can shelter from the scorching Mediterranean sun.

Navagio Beach on Zakynthos wanted to reconstruct

The park will be located on the territory of the observation deck, from where tourists and make famous for the whole world photos of the bay.

Navagio Beach on Zakynthos wanted to reconstruct

Present at the presentation of the Metropolitan of Zakynthos Dionysios noted that the construction of such a complex is necessary for further development and operation of the area Navagio – tourist business cards of Greece.

And, above all, this is a security issue for thousands of people. Therefore, the Church will do everything to get everyone necessary approvals.

Recall in the fall and more recently, in March, access to the beach Navagio had to close due to the collapse of part of the rock, as a result who was injured seven people.

Navagio Beach on Zakynthos wanted to reconstruct

In April it became known that the ban would be lifted in the summer, however tourists can only be in certain safe zones.

To get to the most “photogenic” beach of Greece is possible only from the sea, however the incredible beauty of this place annually attracts here thousands of tourists.

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