Athens is preparing to become a world book capital 2018

Athens (Greece) is preparing to spend the whole of 2018 under the slogan reading books, culture and events that contribute spread knowledge.


С 23 апреляАфины станут”Мировой книжной столицей”2018 year.

“World Book Capital” – a global cultural event UNESCO.

“Athens this year have the opportunity to confirm that this is one of the most important areas of culture, science and history “, – Mayor Athens Giorgos Caminis said in a statement.

With the slogan “Books everywhere” the Greek capital for years will be holding a series of events related to books including reading, seminars and conferences, contests and events for adults and children. Events will include reading books in unexpected places for passersby and meetings with your favorite Greek and foreign authors.

Until April 22, 2019, Athens invites the inhabitants of Greece and country guests to attend the event and enjoy literary treasures, reveal unknown cultural aspects cities in institutes, libraries, cultural sites and large festivals.

Athens is preparing to become the world book capital of 2018

For a whole year, the World Book Capital will strive inspire, motivate to gain knowledge and increase interest in reading, leave your cultural mark in modern Greek culture.

“We invite everyone to creative meetings, cultural events, seminars and discussions “, says Jannys Tropopoulos, coordinator of the world book capital “Athens 2018 “.” World Book Capital “will help us even better understand why we love books, why we get joy from reading, “added Tropopoulos.

Athens – the 18th city, which will become the world book the capital. Before that were Madrid (2001), Alexandria (2002), New Delhi (2003), Antwerp (2004), Montreal (2005), Turin (2006), Bogota (2007), Amsterdam (2008), Beirut (2009), Ljubljana (2010), Buenos Aires (2011), Yerevan (2012), Bangkok (2013), Port Harcourt (2014), Inchon (2015), Wroclaw (2016) and Conakry (2017 year).

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