Athens hotels raise prices from September, but remain most affordable in Europe


Цены на размещение в афинских отелях выросли на 18% в сентябреcompared to the fall of 2014. But still hotels of the capital of Greece remain the most accessible in Europe – such data leads Greek office of popular booking service Trivago.

At the beginning of the autumn season, European tourists seem to hinted: in Greece rest more profitable than anywhere else. average price overnight in a hotel room in athens approached 127 euros against 108 euros per night in September 2014. As an example for comparisons: the most expensive hotels are Monaco, where tourists in average lay out 370 euros. Among the expensive cities for the night turned out to be London, Amsterdam and Paris. Along with Athens, these capitals interesting for tourists for the autumn trip.

It is noteworthy that prices for accommodation in other regions of Greece significantly reduced. Compared to a year earlier, the night of Santorini or Mykonos has become more accessible by 5%. Cost of living on Santorini reached 248 euros (for two). It is 40% cheaper than in August. And in Mykonos hotels offer discounts up to 55%.

A significant decline is also seen in the Ionian Islands, and also on the Saronic archipelago. Popular hotels in Hydra the end of the high season reduced prices by 54%.

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