At the auction Bonhams put up for sale greek artists


25 ноября в Лондоне состоится аукцион Bonhams GreekSale. It will feature paintings of famous Greek artists of the 1930s and later, whose creativity led to the real flourishing of art in Greece in the XX century.

Among the paintings put up for sale is the work of Nikos. Hadzhikiriyakos-Gikas “Artist’s Studio with a large window”, written in 1985. Its initial cost is equivalent to 9 million. rubles. Among other works by this artist – “Santorini” and “Village spring “. These paintings were among the latest creations Hadzikiriyakos.

Auction Bonhams will also present works by Yannis Tsaruhisa, who was inspired by the working class, the youth of his native city, greek soldiers and sailors.

The artists of the 30s were deeply tied to the classical the heritage of Greece. But each expressed this attachment in his own way – in peculiar to his manner. Specialist Olympia Pappa talks about of that era: “The creators of the 1930s knew what it means to be Greek in modern world. ”

A total of 107 Greek lots will be presented at the auction. Besides the above, are for sale the works of Dimitris Mitaras, Konstantinos Volanakis and Michalis Iconom.

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