Are there sharks in Greece?


Emerald seas and the magnificent Greek islands on the horizon – Here is an idyllic picture of Greece. But can this spoil beautiful seascape shark fin?

Sharks in Greece: Myth or Reality?

Yes, there are sharks in Greece, but most species harmless. Meet people with sharks are rare, and, as a rule, about shark attacks in the mediterranean reportedly. Considering that a huge number of people spend time on the coast of Greece, a meeting with a shark is unlikely.

There is only one fantastic story in existing records. Reported shark attacks in the Greek Islands almost a century ago. Other official sources count a total of nine deadly shark attacks in Greece for last 160 years. It is unclear what types of sharks could be guilty: one Greek fisherman swore that a couple of years ago he saw a great white shark in the Aegean Sea, but it was probably a small whale that is also rare, but still comes across in Greece.

Despite the fact that every year shark attacks on people in The Mediterranean does happen, they seem to be grouped around the coast of France, not Greece.

Sharks are rare in Greece, and those that are spotted or caught fishermen, usually belong to less dangerous types – hammers and dogs. In recent years, sharks are most often met around Milos, Simi and Crete. But, very rarely, encounters occur with highly dangerous species, for example, large white sharks.

Sharks are mentioned in Greek mythology. For some Lamia, daughter of the sea god Poseidon, had a body with sharks by forms.

In ancient Greek legends there are also many others. mythical marine life, including Hydra, which, may have become an inspiration for non-GreekKrakenav “Battle of the Titans”.

Forget about sharks: the most dangerous sea creatures in the Mediterranean sea

Other hazards are much more real. directly affect your holiday in Greece.

Jellyfish: a jellyfish bite is one of the most common dangers on the sea holiday. Always need Shoe beach shoes, in order to protect themselves from accidental encounters with a jellyfish, sea urchin or sharp volcanic kamnem.Obuv, if you did not take it with you, you can always buy in the beach shops in all Greek resorts.

Scorpion Fish: Beach shoes can protect you from Scorpion fish whose bite can become deadly. A few years ago in Crete a man was arrested on murder charges due to the sudden death of his wife, which died right in the shower. Initially it was assumed that he poisoned her, but the Greek police decided that she had stepped on Scorpion. Due to health problems, the bite turned out to be deadly.

Crocodiles: Although crocodiles do not usually live in Greece, a lake in Crete attracted a couple crocodile. The local authorities have already bought this lake banned, but now endless tourists were drawn to this place hoping to meet unusual residents.

Enjoy your holiday in Greece around the Mediterranean coast the sea. The chances of even seeing a shark in Greece are extremely small.

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