All the colors of the mystery island: what excursions offer on Santorini?


Переживший за свою историю крупнейшее мировое извержениеSantorini volcano – a place that does not look like any other. Everything is brighter here: houses are blindingly white, the sea is immaculate azure, and sights such that for a long time remain in of memory. Therefore, every tour operator working in Greece is trying offer customers a large selection of excursions in Santorini. Than on Now can they please tourists?

Mystery of Atlantis

Tez Tour offers its tourists to go on a tour under name “The Mystery of Atlantis”, which is carried out from Crete. it convenient option for those who want to see the main beauty of Santorini for a short time. The program includes a quick flight, a private cruise. along the picturesque Caldera Bay, visiting the main cities of the island, including the famous Oia and Fira, relaxing on the black beach, a trip to winery, dinner and lunch in local taverns and, of course, observation sunset Just for the last, many tourists try linger on Santorini until the evening. This tour lasts 10 hours The advantage of this tour is travel in a small group. (up to 12 people), during which tourists will feel individual approach. Approximate price 10-hour tour – from 160 euros.

meeting sunset on the old fortress of Santorini

Santorini – Akrotiri

Beleon tours organized a tour with Rhodes and Crete, the main the purpose of which is visiting the ancient Akrotiri. Her duration – 9 hours, cost – from 135 Euro. The program includes a trip to the winery with wine tasting Vinsanto and in the city of Oia – one of the photographed and cult places of Santorini. Most of the time is devoted to inspection. The finds of the city of Akrotiri, which is preserved in excellent condition and where excavations are still going on. And, of course, the tour would not be complete without lunch in a traditional tavern. When choosing this tour from Crete, the program also includes a rest on one of the beaches islands.


lovers at sunset santorini

This tour is an opportunity to become a “witness” of an impressive Santorini sunset offered by Mouzenidis Travel. Tour 4 hours will allow you to admire this phenomenon from different sites. First – Panagia Episkopi, or the oldest surviving churches Santorini. The second is Pyrgos village, followed by a guided tour. continue at the monastery of Ilya with a view of the caldera. Finally in the city Oia tourists will see the natural “performance”, which is prepared sky over santorini.

tour of the sunset on Santorini

Santorini – Beach

For tourists, vacationers on Crete, there is an opportunity for 135 euro diversify your vacation 9-hour guided tour with visit the beaches of Santorini. Without leaving the coast, it will be possible enjoy traditional Greek dishes in one of the taverns. Beleon tours included in the program not only rest on volcanic beaches, but also trip to the city of Oia.

Wine tour

Not to forget about Santorini as the birthplace of the best Greek wines, It is worth going with Mouzenidis Travel on a 3-hour Wine tour. is he provides stops at several major wineries of the island where tourists not only watch the cultivation of grapes, but also enjoy the variety of the range offered. A unique Wine Museum tells the story of the last 300 years of winemaking Santorini.

Santorini Wine Tour

Cruise to the volcano

See the volcano may have caused the death of the mysterious Atlantis, will turn out during the tour from Mouzenidis lasting 5 hours. Traditional yacht will leave the port Fira, and then stop in Nea Kammeni. Here it will be possible climb to the crater itself, enjoying unusual views. Then the yacht is heading to the hot springs so that anyone can swim in volcanic waters. After lunch and break excursion continue along the coast of Santorini, and during this walk with the sea you can see the port of Ammoudi and the picturesque Oia. Ends the excursion is already at sunset. It is worth noting that a trip to the volcano, including swimming in the springs and watching the sunset, rather saturated and gives tourists a lot of positive emotions. Such excursions are presented not only at Mouzenidis, and the price depends on the duration and the selected program. Short (2-hour) start at 20 euros.

Greek evening

As in any other region of hospitable Greece, on Santorini tour operators also offer to devote one evening to incendiary dancing and tasting the best national treats. Beleon Toursinvites to the Greek evening with music, entertainment and fragrant Santorini wine. It takes place in a traditional tavern and allows to cover at once two aspects important for understanding the culture: gastronomic and cultural.

Santorini beaches

Those wishing to devote all the time excursions exclusively beaches, You should buy a tour of the beaches of Santorini from Mouzenidis Travel. Behind 5 hours tourists get acquainted with the main volcanic sites coast with black and red sand. This tour is a good choice. for those who do not have much time to get acquainted with Santorini, but I want to visit all of its famous beaches.

Photo Red Beach on Santorini

Tour of the archaeological sites

Mouzenidis Travel organized a tour of one of the most important for Greece archaeological complexes – Akrotiri. Excursion allows you to look at what was the life of the city before the eruption. Almost all the objects for centuries lay under the lava and remained unchanged. After Akrotiri, tourists await guided tours of ancient Fira and Panagia Episkopi. The trip ends with an excursion to the Museum of Ancient Fira.

Santorini – without doubt the most advertised greek island. But the excursion experience is here. unique in its own way: not every corner of Greece can boast legends about Atlantis or volcanoes occasionally reminiscent of to myself. Do not forget that in addition to the listed excursions tour operators and private guides are ready to offer a rich overview. excursions, boat trips, trips to villages Santorini, fascinating diving and professional fishing. And the prices excursions start at 20 euros, which makes them available for everyone.

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