Acropolis of Athens: very popular, but worth it to visit


Акрополь в Афинах оказался вторым в списке самых посещаемых вworld tourist places – this is the rating compiled by the news service CNN.

According to the service, superpopular places have “bloated” fame, and their value is somewhat exaggerated. However, Every year, millions of holidaymakers continue to do everything to visit these places.

The popularity list is headed by the Indian Taj Mahal, and right after it housed the Greek Acropolis in Athens.

The rise to the top of the Acropolis is not easy, but, as noted CNN correspondent, finding himself there, it is impossible not to understand why Millions of tourists choose this place for compulsory visits

“This is an Athenian culture that rises above the city on an altitude of 150 meters. This is the heart of Athens and possibly all of Greece. Stones Acropolis seen thousands of wars, passed through “fire, water and copper pipe “, but contrary to this, he still stands in his place. Believe me, the inspiration you get from visiting Acropolis worth it to go through some of the inconvenience associated with the rise and a large crowd, “- said the source.

photo: AfinaPost

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