A quiet holiday on the island of Evia (Evia)

Mountains, covered with coniferous forests, healthy hot springs, deserted beaches, colorful villages surrounded olive and chestnut groves – all this creates a unique image islands of Evia.


Эвия является вторым по величине островом в Греции (длинаcoastline 680 km). It is separated from the mainland by a small strait. under the name Evripa. The capital of the island is the city of Chalkida.

The island is divided into three regions according to geographical type: northern, central and southern. The northern part of the island is beautiful mountain landscapes filled with waterfalls and canyons. In the central part You can find many options for active and beach holidays, travel and entertainment.

The climate on the island of Evia (Evia) is a classic Mediterranean, characterized by hot summer and mild winter.

Today, the flow of foreign tourists is not much touched these places and therefore rest on Greek Evia (Evia) can recommend to those who like to spend their holidays in a quiet and quiet place.

Quiet rest on the island of Evia (Evia)

What can be seen on Evia (Evbee)?

On the island you can see numerous archaeological and historical sights. So, in the city of Aulis, visit the temple of the Olympic goddess Artemis and Gulf of Navpigiu, from where the Greek the warriors went to war against Troy. In Anfidone, visit in the chapel of St. George, where the ancient paintings of the 14th are preserved century. In the capital of the island of Chalkida, stroll through the old quarter Castro, which stores the buildings of the Venetian and Turkish eras. AND Be sure to check out the Archaeological Museum of Eretria, in which you see the image of the famous Gorgon Medusa, dated VI century BC

Quiet rest on the island of Evia (Evia)

Pay attention to the Church of St. John the Russian, in which the relics of the saint are kept. All in all, 16 monasteries operate on Evia, and they are all part of the national Greek heritage.

But the most famous place on the island is the old bridge over Euripus Strait. It is from this bridge that one can observe the extraordinary natural phenomenon – due to the change of tides every 4-6 hours the flow of water changes its direction. The riddle of it phenomena tried to solve even Aristotle, but so far scientists have not were able to give an exact answer.

Rest on the island of Evia (Evia)

The island has many wonderful sandy beaches and secluded coves that will not leave indifferent beach lovers recreation. In addition, in Evia, you can improve your health: on his Terme Silla resort, which is considered The largest spa resort. Sources with content therapeutic radon can be recommended to those who suffer rheumatic, cardiovascular, gynecological and endocrine diseases.

Quiet rest on the island of Evia (Evia)

Evia has excellent conditions for mountaineering, and Dirfy mountain (1745 m) will delight both lovers and professionals.

Map of Evia (Evia)

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