7 of the most beautiful beaches of Crete


Crete is the largest Greek island of about 8,500 square kilometers having an amazing four thousandth history, this is the birthplace of the great Zeus, this is the island to which you want come back again and again.

Unfortunately, for one vacation it is simply impossible to get acquainted with all variety of historical and cultural values, see all sights, relax on all the beaches of the island.

Today we will present a list of the seven most beautiful beaches Crete.

1. Falasarna

It is a large sandy beach in western Crete, 75 km from Chania. On the beach you can rent a sunbed and an umbrella, eat in tavern

Despite the large number of holidaymakers, the beach Falasarnaporadet you clean, well-groomed and, of course, pristine beauty of nature.

Unfortunately, visiting some places of this beach is impossible recommend families with small children, because sea ​​shore pretty cool and quickly goes into the depths.

Falasarna Crete beach

2. Elafonisi

About 40 kilometers from Chania is located one of the most most interesting and most frequently mentioned beaches in the media – Elafonisi.

Elafinis beach

Due to the white sand sea water acquires turquoise color characteristic of the beaches of the Caribbean.

In addition, in some parts of the beach the sand has pink shade that makes it special not only for Crete, but also for the whole of Greece.

3. Balos

Getting to Balos is not easy: first it is necessary move by sea or by underground mountain winding road on a rented car, and then overcome the row distance along the hiking trail. But it is worth it!

Considering the fact that there are no cafes in Balos and restaurants, bring with you an adequate supply of food and water.

We are sure – you will not regret!

7 of the most beautiful beaches of Crete

4. Kedrodasos

Just a kilometer from the famous Elafonisi located fantastic beach Kedrodasos.

Fine sand, turquoise sea, olive and juniper Groves create a magical atmosphere.

5. Preveli

Preveli is one of the beach symbols of Crete. It is located not in the most popular tourist spot: Rethymno, the entrance to the Kurtaliot gorge, at the mouth of the river Kurtaliotis. Painted date palms, neighborhood Smjuzhsky monastery Preveli, but at the same time, privacy made this sandy beach famous and a must for visits

But a few years ago, this beach was visited only nudists.

Preveli Crete beach

6. Matala

South of Heraklion, in the Bay of Matala on the coast of the Libyan Sea there is another beach, which is worth a visit during your travel to Crete. 10,000 years ago local people started use coastal cliffs as dwelling, hollowing in soft rock cave.

In the middle of the 20th century, these caves were chosen by hippies who came here. from around the world. Among them were celebrities: Bob Dylan and Janice Joplin.

Today Matala is an ideal place for family holidays. The beach is also suitable for small children.

Matala Crete beach


Just over 50 kilometers south of Rethymno – and you are on a beautiful sand and pebble beach Triopetra. The name comes from the Greek Όριόπετρα, which means “three stones” – three rocks protruding from seas. The beach can be divided into three parts: eastern, central and western. In the eastern part you can find all the benefits of civilization – parking, hotel, tavern, sun beds, umbrellas. But the central and Westerners will like people who prefer to relax in solitude.

Triopetra Crete Beach

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