6 reasons to visit Greece in the fall

Nature has blessed Greece with a long holiday season which does not end with the departure of August. Country opens before travelers even more opportunities in the fall. Tourists increasingly come to Greece in September-November to escape from the blues and experience all the delights of the velvet season on The Mediterranean. Why choose Greece in the fall?


На Пелопоннесе собирают оливки

If travel to Greece is planned for September or October, the route is worth including the southwest of the Peloponnese, where the locals just be busy harvesting olives. Olives are especially appreciated. from Kalamata – local products are known not only in Greece, but also Abroad. Hand picking fruits to produce the best oil in country is not an easy task. Therefore, if you want to get true Greek experience can be an agrotourist and join process. And you can just watch the collection, production of oil and take the fresh product with you.

Peace can be enjoyed in Santorini

Santorini is undoubtedly an expensive destination. summer period but in the fall this island provides the opportunity see the famous sunsets, not overpaying for the rest. In the autumn on Santorini is also noticeably quieter. You can wander through the streets villages, stay in a quiet tavern or just soak in pool overlooking the sea. It is recommended to go to Pyrgos is a town located on the highest point of the island. With him panoramas on Santorini open up, and Pyrgos with its winding streets, traditional Cycladic architecture and authentic style life is truly fascinating.

Rest becomes available even to those who can not stand the heat

Choosing a place for a beach holiday in the fall is worth giving away. preference of greece. During September you can swim almost in all regions. And in October – on the southernmost islands of the country. (Crete and Rhodes). The sun at this time is less dangerous than in July, and at the same time the sea is warm, especially in sheltered shallow bays. AT this season rain is heavy in the north, but the southern regions become a haven for those who prefer cloudless weather. For wishing to combine beach holidays with excursions or walks in cities, autumn will also be a better alternative. There is nothing more pleasant than walking through the streets of autumn Greece and looking into stores that, in an effort to sell goods, delight affordable prices.

Counters filled with fruit

Autumn in Greece is the season of figs and grapes, in September more melons and watermelons are sprinkled. October is traditionally considered to be a gathering time. citrus, especially lemons and oranges. And in November, ripen mandarins. The collection of citrus fruits ends only in March. In September gourmets are beginning to delight grenades, the season which ends to the beginning of winter. In the autumn months can also be found on the counters of pear and apples.

Autumn landscapes of Greece are no less charming than summer ones.

Greece is a country though not huge in area, but diversity and Beauty landscapes it does not hold. This is especially noticeable in the fall, when every day nature changes, revealing shades to romantics and lovers of hiking. If you want to spend time in nature you should choose a mountainous area (including mountain villages), lakes and the forests for which mainland Greece is famous. Among the favorites for nature walks – Pieria, Peloponnese, Chalkidiki and cozy city of Kastoria.

6 reasons to visit Greece in the fallphoto: © Fabio Muzzi / Corbis

There is a chance to catch interesting festivals.

If in the summer the Greek festivals are largely focused on tourists, it is time for fall harvest festivals in the fall and religious holidays. Festivals in honor of vintage. On the island of Aegina in September, tourists come to pistachio festival. During the events there is an opportunity taste and buy the “hero of the occasion” from local farmers. Also on stalls expose traditional crafts. In october greece honors St. Demetrius. In particular, bright events are waiting in Salonika – this city is under its auspices. AT Greece holds services and cultural festivals. And in Evrytanii October – the time of the festival tsipuro. Everyone is welcome here wants to learn more about this grape vodka and are even ready demonstrate all stages of its preparation.

photo: Costas Zissis

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