6 natural attractions of Crete


На многоликом Крите смешалось всё: наследие венецианцев, древниеMinoan monuments, modern hotels and resorts, amazing beaches and, of course, natural resources. The last – the most protected and valuable heritage of the island. Any tourist simply must choose the time. to visit the protected gorge or picnic on the lake.

Samaria Gorge

Each guidebook on the gorge of Samaria says much more than any other natural attraction Crete. And there are several quite fair reasons for this: it longest in Europe and located in the picturesque National the park. In the summer in Samaria, the excitement – the gorge opens in May, and already in October closes. Despite the generally favorable Cretan climate, in winter and spring is not safe here. What does a tourist pay for a ticket? First, walk along the well-maintained paths, because of the state of Samaria and amenities for Tourists are watching especially closely. Secondly, the sea of ​​impressions from natural beauty of the gorge. Here are the rare animals of Crete, including wildcat and eagles, and you can also meet the famous goat kri-kri. The fauna of the gorge, too, will appreciate the diversity: it is Cretan cypress, and plane trees, and bright flowers. On acquaintance with Samaria canyon should take at least 6 hours and well get ready. But difficulties do not frighten anyone: every year, those who wish 18 km only becomes more.

Lefka Ori

Lefka Ori is considered the largest mountain range Crete, which is a must-see for every walker Outdoors. Lefka Ori offers countless excursion options. In the west, waiting for the abyss Gurgutakas with picturesque waterfalls and clean sources. To appreciate the beauty of Lefka Ori, go far no need: already from the foot there will be a great view of the stretching terrain

Lefka Ori Crete Ridgephoto: wikimedia.org

Omalos Plateau

Omalos is known as the starting point for long walks around Samara, but worthy of more than just a runaway inspection. Here meets almost alpine landscape and full pacification. In the spring of the plateau is strewn with flowers of all possible colors, and the land in these places is especially fertile. It’s hard to imagine that the tranquil plateau now Omalos was once a refuge for fighters for island freedom Rebellious times, plant, and now it offers travelers to stay in a tavern or hotel to better understand the soul of Crete and briefly change too tourist routes.

Anopolis Plateau

This is really a special place: Anopolis – a large plateau, the boundaries of which lead from Lefka Ori in the north and immersed in the Libyan Sea in the south. Anopolis – possibly the heart western part of Crete and one of the rare places of the island that never was not captured by the Turks. Traditions are still strong in the area. and the way of village life. Nature strikes with natural beauty and opens many interesting routes, abandoned villages and ancient chapels scattered across the plateau.


Located in the region adjacent to Rethymnon, Argyroupoli is the perfect place to escape. from the summer heat. At the bottom of the village are cool springs, and spring water supplies all of Rethymnon. Besides, lush vegetation, shade and cool sources make Tourists long stay in local taverns. Interesting that modern town built on the ruins of ancient Lappa, which famous as a strong and independent city. Nowadays in Argyroupoli Mosaic floors, historic streets, excavations and necropolis.

Argyroupoli in Cretephoto: eco-turizm.net

Lake Votomos

Votomos is a green oasis where you can take a walk or sit in silence. Usually they come here by chance moving from Rethymnon and Heraklion to the south of Crete. There are good ones here picnic areas and playground, and the forest is not far Rouvas is an example of how the island looked in antiquity. Lake interesting because there is a fish farm. Therefore, in coastal Taverns serve the most delicious trout in Crete.

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