6 museums of Athens that will be interesting for children


Туристы, которые приезжают в BUT фины с детьми, имеют в своёмAvailable many fascinating attractions. An integral part of the cultural program is a hike through the museum. Have passed times when visiting museum collections for children was a torment. Now, in addition to exhibits, museums offer inspirational activities and interactive games. Where to go with the child in Athens?

Children’s Art Museum

Art exhibitions with the participation of works of children 5-14 years represented by works of winners of creative competitions and participants master classes of the museum. Here, on Codru Street, they also exhibit pictures of “special” children. And the museum brings the work of children from other countries, organizes art and theater events, festivals, talks with children’s writers, tours of the exposition and Plaka district. In short, the life of the museum is always rich and diverse – you just need to follow the program.

Emotion Museum

This unique interactive museum uses its exhibits. games and stories to help children understand their emotional world. AT at the same time, he sees his mission to raise awareness adults regarding issues related to emotional development. A child knows himself through games, workshops, painting, theatrical performances. In turn, parents start better be aware of the importance of emotions (both good and bad) for the development child and his personal growth. The exhibition is valid in Greek and English, which is convenient for foreign tourists with children.


The Planetarium is not exactly a museum, but it should also be included. to the list to visit. He is among the most advanced in world technically. In the hall show 3D-films about intergalactic travels, as well as films about the past of Greece and even the future. And under a huge dome with a diameter of 25 m posted sky panorama The session lasts no more than an hour, but, unfortunately, films demonstrate in Greek with English translation in headphones. Despite this, the guests of the planetarium are people of all ages from different countries. For families in Athens, a visit to the planetarium is one of The most impressive and spectacular events.

Museum of Natural History

A rather curious museum that bears the name of Goulandris, is a non-profit foundation designed to study and preserve the environment of Greece. The exhibition halls will introduce the ecosystem fauna and various geological periods. Here you can see a huge dinosaur model, look at 200 plants Greece, admire the endemic butterflies that are found Only in this country, and visit the main decoration of the museum – Botanical garden with rare trees and fragrant flowers. Аto popularize the theme of nature conservation, the museum team developed special activities for children.

Greek Children’s Museum

In 1987, a non-profit children’s museum opened in Athens. Here, adults will be told how to properly communicate with naughty children, and for children organize workshops, will help reveal individuality and demonstrate a collection of their works peers from Africa, Pakistan and all parts of Greece. Child the museum would not be complete without conducting logical cooking games classes for the smallest and theatrical performances.

Greek Costume History Museum

This museum will be interesting not only for adults, but also for any to kid. In its exposition today – traditional clothes of different regions, jewelry, Minoan reproductions, Byzantine exhibits, as well as porcelain dolls in Greek costumes. Often Thematic exhibitions are held, which you need to know in advance, so as not to miss an interesting exposure.

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