5 rules you need to know about Greek ferries

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Of course, resting in Greece, you can limit yourself to the hotel and the nearby beach. But agree that Greece is not a country where it would be worth spending a vacation sitting in a hotel. To Vacation has become more vivid and rich, enough to hire car and go explore the local cities and attractions. And more active tourists can think about traveling to neighboring islands. Better and more convenient is make using ferry service. Good in Greece, it is developed at the proper level.

To make your trip on the Greek ferry more comfortable, we will tell 5 basic rules.

  1. Choose the best place on the ferry.

Definitely solve this problem is not so simple. Comfortable spot the ferry will depend on the duration of the trip. If a the flight is long or captures night time is best accommodated in a separate cabin. If you have to spend in the sea a few hours, you can take any comfortable chair in the cabin the ferry. If you need privacy, some ships may offer separate VIP cabins. In any case, all passengers Greek ferries, regardless of status, may move freely around the deck, enjoy the seascape and To breathe fresh air.

  1. If you are hungry, go to the cafe

On board most Greek ferries cafe or snack bars (buffets). And on ferries that serve long flights for example “Greece-Italy”, there are restaurants serving tourists a la carte system. But unfortunately, speedboats on short wings (for example, “Athens-Aegina”), do not have on board or buffets or restaurants.

  1. Arrive at the port at least 30 minutes before departures

Do not arrive at the port at the last minute, because landing process can be quite long due to the large number passengers. This is especially true of ports such as Piraeus, Rhodes or Santorini. If you have taken care of tickets to the Greek ferry, then you can come to the port about 30 minutes before departure. If you still need to purchase a ticket, you may need to about 1 hour for all treatments. It is better to arrive in advance and wait a bit, than, late, hold the outgoing look ferry.

  1. Keep your own safety

Greece is an absolutely safe country. it concerns and ferry service. However, some violations law have been recorded by local police: while landing or disembarking pickpockets were robbing furious tourists.

  1. Going ashore during intermediate stops can’t

Do not leave the ferry until you have reached your destination. Unlike cruise lines, ferry companies They are not allowed to go ashore at intermediate points of the route. TO Fortunately, such stops on average last no more than 10 minutes.

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