5 reasons to spend your holiday in Keramoti

Keramoti is one of those places in Greece, many of which undeservedly deprived of the attention of major travel companies. Most tourists do not stop passing through the city the way to the nearby island of Thassos, while losing sight of that The fact that Keramoti is a great place to relax.

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Here are at least five reasons to choose this particular Greek city. for holidays:

  1. Calm. Keramoti is quiet a town without crowds of tourists, active traffic, car noise and the smell of gasoline. Of course, there are cars, but they are completely a bit, and there is enough free parking. And as soon as you find yourself in Keramoti, you do not want to leave here. Because –
  2. Everything is nearby. The city is perfect for hiking and cycling. Every place you want go, is literally within walking distance, and walks here, believe me, are pleasant, especially at sunset.
  3. Hospitality. Keramoti is different from any other resting place to your exceptional hospitality. There are not many tourists here, and therefore not felt the bustle that is inherent in major greek resorts. Local residents are friendly to tourists, and you immediately will feel as soon as you arrive.
  4. You will feel at home. Keramoti is run by true hospitality professionals, but at the same time in every local hotel you will experience the feeling of a native at home. And you can enjoy soothing colors. Aegean Sea and satisfy your gastronomic appetite with fresh seafood in a real Greek tavern. Rest your soul!
  5. Ideal if you are organizing your vacation Self-driving in Keramoti by car book a nice place to stay (holiday apartments abound) and relax on one of the best beaches on The Balkans.

You are not dependent on anyone, on anything, your only the duty is to rest the way you want it to be.

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