5 dishes that can be enjoyed only in Greece


Среди всех кулинарных традиций мира греческая выделяется своейauthenticity, a combination of good and unique taste. Many dishes are considered common to all Greece – moussaka or choryatka salad It has long been possible to try in any tavern and even outside country. But there are such culinary inventions that associated with a particular city or island. Here are five dishes, which can be tasted only in Greece.

Domatokeftedes (Santorini)

Santorini Island in the world of gastronomy is known for its succulent tomatoes. They are grown in volcanic soil and under the bright sun. Greece fruits get rich flavor. Domatokeftedes is one of the dishes that Santorini is prepared on the basis of tomatoes. It’s fritters or patties, for preparations which take the most ripe fruits. In the recipe, besides chopped tomatoes, aromatic herbs (mint, oregano) are present, flour, onions, so the dish is suitable for vegetarians. Ready mix fried in generous amounts of olive oil and served with dzadzyki.


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Where to try?

Domatokeftedes can be ordered in the taverns of Mylopetra (Pyrgos) and The Cave of Nikolaos (Akrotiri), Caldera Restaurant (Fira) and almost Any institution of Santorini – this dish is among the most famous. Price – no more than 12 euros.

Bugaca (Serre, Thessaloniki)

Bugatsa – one of the most delicious Greek pies from puff pastry. It is believed that the original recipe was invented still in Byzantium. Specifically – in Constantinople. Well known that the Byzantines had a rich tradition of making baking. Even after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in the city bakeries continued to cook a bigi.


After the exchange of the population in the XX century. by the puff of Byzantine pie began a second life. Migrants from Turkey brought a recipe in Serre. And then – in Thessaloniki, where the butt became inexpensive and popular dish for snacking. It’s customary to take as a filling custard or cheese, but occasionally use spinach or minced meat.

Where to try?

Bugatsu can be found in any tavern or coffee shop in Northern Greece. For example, in the bakery Bandis Bougatsa (Thessaloniki) or in the cafe Rekor (Serre). The price is 1.5-1.7 euros.

Kalitsunya (Crete)

One of the specialties of Crete – pies Kalitsunya, which here are a bit of a fast food. The first mention of them can be found in ancient sources. During The existence of Kalitsunya acquired many variations. Pies are not only closed, but also open, and for filling cottage cheese, fragrant greens or Mizifra cheese with cinnamon. Sometimes they are watered with honey before serving. As for the method of roasting, here the tastes of Cretan cooks diverge. Initially calitzunya in the cooking time was lowered into the pan with olive oil. BUT a healthier way is now popular – baked pies.


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Where to try?

A serving of calicunya will cost 2-4 euros. In Crete, this dish can be order in the tavern To Stachi (Chania) or Mikro Livadi (Rethymnon).

Burdetto (Corfu)

Burdetto – a typical dish of Corfu which is a scorpion fish stew. Sometimes add cod, haddock or any other marine fish. She is tormented in spicy a mixture of olive oil, tomato paste, onion, pepper, garlic in for half an hour. Ready burdetto served with bread, rice, potatoes or greens. Sometimes potatoes are added directly to the pot. and stew with fish. Burdetto appeared on Corfu under the influence Venetians. And the name is a distorted word “rode” that meant “soup”.


Where to try?

Burdetto can be enjoyed at the restaurant Panorama in Afionas (Corfu) and Jimmys restaurant in Pelekas (Corfu). Price – about 10 Euro.

Kakavia (Crete)

Dish kakavya worth finding and try at least because on the Cretan table soups are extremely rare guests. AT Some sources of cocoa are described as the most ancient. greek soup Since olden times, fishermen have cooked it from fish platter, adding to the stew all that was in stock. According to the original Saffron, onion, lemon juice, parsley are added to the recipe. fried croutons, onions, celery and dill. In modern Potatoes, shrimps and carrots are added to the dish. By the way Ionian Islands claim to authorship of Kakavia. It is believed that the name of the stew came from the name of a special pot, used by the inhabitants of these islands.


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Where to try?

Kakavju can be found in the fish tavern Kakavia (Paleokastro) or in restaurant Antigoni, which is located in the old port of the city Chania Price – from 9 euros.

Greek cuisine has experienced many influences from the side. Traditional recipes have something in common with what is cooked in Turkey, Italy, Cyprus. But not less original dishes Greece has presented world culinary. Because the journey to this country becomes immersion in the world of authentic traditions and unique tastes.

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