49 reasons to love Greece

07.05.201449 reasons to love Greece

Есть много причин, чтобы любить Грецию. But what makes does the heart beat more often in the chest when it comes to Greece?

The journalist of the site buzzfeed.com was able to see 49 reasons Greece inspirations.

These are the reasons:

1__greedcc1. Greeks never hurry anywhere Flickr: yannisag

2__greedcc2. They can appreciate beauty moment flickr: linmtheu

3__greedcc3. Greeks are passionate about Flickr: nickchino


4. Greeks, like their ancestors, are great thinkers. (but sometimes they just love to chat :)) Flickr: vanou

5__greedcc5. Closeness to nature Flickr: 63391301 @ N00 / Via Leezard

6__greedcc6. The family for the Greeks has Flickr paramount: papazimouris

7__greedcc7. They rest as if this is the “last time” flickr: linmtheu

8__greedcc8. In Greece, the Romans are very liked the Arch of Hadrian, built in 131 in honor of the Roman of the emperor Flickr: 27382580 @ N02 / Via Mateus Pabst

9__greedcc9. .. and the Crusaders City Knights on Rhodes Flickr: jlascar / Via Jorge Lascar

10__greedcc10. .. and to the Venetians Castle Methoni in the west of the Peloponnese Flickr: dubefranz

11__greedcc.. and the Turks Mosque of the 18th century on the island of Kos Flickr: jdawson554

12__greedcc11. 80% of Greece is picturesque Mountains White caps of the mountains of Crete Flickr: pappousaki

13__greedcc12. And the beaches are such that goosebumps Porto Katsiki Beach on Lefkada Island Flickr: imagea / imagea.org

14__greedccLindos Beach on Rhodes Flickr: esther-

15__greedccBeach in the western part of Greece Flickr: visitgreecegr.

16__greedccNavigio Bay on Zackife Flickr: visitgreecegr.

17__greedcc13. Cities are unique and original. Astypalea Flickr: darkb4dawn.

18__greedccCorfu (Kerkyra)

19__greedccSkiathos Flickr: cmgramse

20__greedcc14. Mediterranean diet Flickr appeared here: a-culinary-photo-journal

21__greedcc15. Greek cuisine is much more than souvlaki and gyros Flickr: pazavi / Flickr: avlxyz

22__greedcc16. Real Greek Feta

23__greedcc17. Fresh seafood

24__greedcc18. Figs in abundance Flickr: nobo

25__greedcc19. Breakfast in Greece is something Special Greek Yogurt with Honey and Nuts Flickr: gorgeoux

26__greedcc20. And the coffee break is very important flickr process: p-andr

27__greedcc21. In Greece, great beer Flickr: matt_gibson

28__greedcc22. Athens is one of the most underestimated cities in the world of Flickr: identity-chris-is

29__greedcc23. Nightlife in Athens lasts until the morning

30__greedcc24. Central Market in Athens – it is a “country of culinary wonders”

31__greedcc25. Exarchia – an area that will remain so forever Street riots in Athens 2011 Flickr: 76721782 @ N04 / Insocialableblog

32__greedcc26. The Greeks do not touch the paradise places, unlike the Mediterranean neighbors Flickr: southbayer / Alexander Besant

33__greedcc27. You can choose from 1200 islands flickr: amira_a

34__greedcc28. In Greece, there are many wild and wild places Flickr: adamwitwer

35__greedcc29. From May to September in the sky almost always the sun shines Sifnos Island Flickr: papazimouris

30. Mykonos is a big summer beach party30. Mykonos – a big summer beach party Flickr: rwp-roger

37__greedcc31. But Mykonos does not mean “Party” Village in Mykonos. Photo of 1975 – nothing changed janwillemsen

38__greedcc32. Folegandros is one of the most charming places on earth In the past, this cliff served as a reliable protection from pirates Flickr: eliasfilis

39__greedcc33. Lesbos exists and is very beautiful Flickr: mavroudis

40__greedcc34. Crete is a museum of history. BUT There are more unique places on this island than some of the largest countries. Rethymno, Crete Flickr: theo_reth / Theophilos.

41__greedcc35. Holy Mount Athos Remains mysterious for over 1000 years But women enter here Forbidden Flickr: cod_gabriel

42__greedcc36. Epidaurus Acoustics is something! Built in the 4th century BC, the theater can fit 15,000. Human Flickr: rosino.

43__greedcc37. Mountaineering on Kalymnos doing it is a pleasure

44__greedcc38. The famous sunset in Oi on Santorini

45__greedcc39. Meteora Monasteries Flickr: jaimeperez

46__greedcc40. The Greeks saved the western civilization The burial place of 192 Athenians who died during the battle of the Marathon with the Persian Army in 490 BC Flickr: dandiffendale.

47__greedcc41. .. and was Sparta Ruins ancient Sparta flickr: d1v1d

48__greedcc42. Alexander was born here. Macedonian Flickr: carolemage

49__greedcc43. Here Zeus ruled the world. Mount Olympus Flickr: 33284937 @ N04 / Nikos Koutoulas.

50__greedcc44. From here came the oracles. Delphi Flickr: ejs76 / Emilio J Santacoloma

51__greedcc45. .. and Poseidon Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion Flickr: papazimouris

52__greedcc46. ​​Icarus saw Greece from above bird flight Ikaria Island Flickr: 86813892 @ N00 / Woody Wade.

53__greedcc47. Theater was born in Greece Theater of Dionysus in Athens Flickr: ejs76

54__greedcc48. … and philosophy The statue of Plato in Athens Flickr: telemax

55__greedcc49. ..and the democracy of Athens Flickr: arkntina

Recently, Greece has been through a lot, but Greece reborn!

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